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How To Root HTC Desire X Android - Complete Step By Step Guide

Rooting Guide For HTC Desire X - Simple Steps To Root Android
HTC Desire X has been out for a while and the power users who do not like the default android system have already managed to root their devices to customize and run applications with super user privileges. Rooting android has always been simple and easy thanks to the talented developers and members in the android community who release simple to use applications that allow rooting of any android smartphone, be it Samsung, Sony or HTC.

However, it appears that rooting HTC desire x is resulting in unknown errors and soft bricking the smartphone. Many users have posted complaints and help requests on various tech forums to fix their devices. The problem is not in rooting but the method and steps that are being followed to root the device. If the instructions are not followed carefully and exactly as mentioned, it may result in various errors. 

For this reason, I've prepared a simple to use guide with steps that would help even a novice desire x user to root their smartphone without landing the device in any error. This method and guide with help you in rooting HTC desire X easily and will also guide you throughout the way to install CWM Recovery for installing various Custom ROMs. 

Rooting HTC Desire X

The following are the three steps that I'm gonna take you through in order to root your smartphone.
  1. Unlocking BootLoader
  2. Flashing Recovery
  3. Installing SuperUser

Requirements to root HTC Desire X

  1. Make sure your Desire X battery level is at least 70%.
  2. You need to enable USB debugging mode on your smartphone. All apps => Settings => Manage Applications => Development => USB Debugging – check box)
  3. Backup your phone data.
  4. HTC Sync Manager : Download Here
  5. Install latest version of Java.
  6. Download files to root HTC Desire X.

Step 1: Unlocking Boot Loader Of HTC Desire X

  1. Extract the contents of all in one rooting tool kit that you have downloaded earlier.
  2. Launch Desire.exe and skip to step 3 in the app to get the token ID
  3. Sign up with the HTC Dev website in order to unlock your device bootloader. 
  4. Connect your desire x to the computer with the usb cable and click on step 3.
  5. Few windows should pop up and your device token ID should be displayed. Copy that token ID as you need to submit it to HTC Dev to get the bootloader unlock binary file.
  6. Once you have the token ID, submit it over here
  7. Once the token id is submitted, HTC Dev will send an email to you with the binary file for unlocking your device bootloader.
  8. In the all in one toolkit, click on step 5 that says unlock bootloader.
  9. Provide the file that you have received via email from HTC. 
  10. Once done, your device bootloader should get unlocked.
Verification : Switchoff your Desire X, pull the battery and then put it back and press volume down + power button and your device should boot into bootloader where on the top you should see "Unlocked" 

Step 2: Flashing Recovery

  1. If you have updated your device to JellyBean download and use the following recovery image to root your device. Image File
  2. Paste the downloaded recovery.img in Desire_X_All-In-One_Kit_v1.1->Recoveries..."Rename it to Recovery.img"
  3. Go back to the all in one toolkit, look under "Next Flash a recovery" 
  4. If you have updated version in your on "Your Own Recovery" and click "Flash Recovery", else flash the other

Step 3: Installing Super User

  1. Download SupperUser from here and place it in your SD card
  2. Open the all in one toolkit for Desire X and in the commands column, click "Boot into Recovery" while USB debugging in your device is enabled
  3. Unplug your device, you should see "Nexxus Prime Recovery" That's normal, don't panic!
  4. Using the power up and down button, scroll down to power.
  5. Select Install Flashable Zip =>Choose zip From External SD-Card and navigate to d Superuser-3.1.3-arm-signed
  6. Select the file and flash it..
That's it! If you have followed the above mentioned steps accurately, you desire x should be rooted and you should be having super user access to your smartphone. Enjoy!

All the tutorials and download links are collected from internet and various sources. We are not responsible for any damage in your device. Here we are putting our best to collect and publish accurate articles.So, Follow the tutorials at your own risk.

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