Sunday, October 20, 2013

How To Get Galaxy Note 3 Air Command And Other Features On Your Galaxy Note 2

Galaxy Note 3 Features On Galaxy Note 2 - Complete Guide:

The added functionality of S-pen features on the Galaxy Note 3 are quiet appealing and fascinating. You may have thought it would be great if you had those features in your Galaxy Note 2. So for the people who want the Note 3 features on your Note 2, there is a way to do so.  


  1. Stock Leaked 4.3 version for Note 2 N7100.
  2. Mod rom v3.5 .
  3. Pen window manager app to add more apps to pen window.
  4. Odin flash tool. 


  1.  You can use any touchwiz rom which is 4.3 version and should be deodexed.
  2. There are some issues for the one hand operation and Samsung keyboard FC's while using S-pen(Affects some users only). These issues will be rectified soon.


  1. If you already have an android 4.3 on your device then follow from the 7th step.
  2. Download the stock leaked 4.3 version from the above link.
  3. Extract the file.
  4. Open Odin, check the box next to PDA button.
  5. Click on the PDA button and browse for the leaked 4.3 version.
  6. Then hit the start button and wait for the flashing to complete.
  7. Once you have got the android 4.3 on your device then, Download the mod rom v3.5.
  8. Flash mod rom v3.5 from custom recovery.
  9. Reboot.
  10. Activate the air command by going into Settings > My device > Air Command.
  11. You can add more apps to pen window by downloading Pen  window manager app.
  12. For the Note 3 browser and flash bar fix download this file and flash it in the custom recovery.

For any queries just leave a comment.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Galaxy Note 3 Root Without Messing With KNOX Security

Rooting Galaxy Note 3 - Complete Guide

Interested in rooting your Galaxy Note 3? If so, you might void your warranty by triggering the KNOX security which sets its status to unofficial. Currently there is no procedure to reset the KNOX security.Fortunately for the likes of users who love to root their phone and apply tweaks, there is a way to root your phone without messing with KNOX. Its called Root de la Vega method.


  • A Windows PC
  • Odin flash tool

Warning: This will wipe your data and internal sdcard, this will show custom system status. Geeky Android cannot be held responsible for anything you do to your phone.


  1. Work in progress for the EXYNOS model.
  2. If you have already rooted your phone and messed up your KNOX security then patiently wait for a solution, as currently there is no method of bringing the KNOX to its initial state.

Get Your Version Info:

Dial *#1234# for AP/PDA and CSC vesion info.

Rooting Instructions:

  1. Find your AP/PDA version and Download the tar file :                                                                                  SM-N900W8 - N900W8VLUBMI5
    SM-N9005 - N9005XXUBMJ1
    SM-N9005 - N9005XXUBMI7
    SM-N9005 - N9005ZHUBMI7
    SM-N9005 - N9005XXUBMJ3                                                                                                              Sprint SM-N900P - N900PVPUBMI3
  2. Find your CSC version and Download the tar file:                                                                           Sprint N900PSPTBMI3_CSC.tar.md5                                                                                                  N900W8OYABMI5_CSC.tar.md5
  3. Remove the external sdcard (if you have one)
  4. Boot into Download mode ( Turn off your device then press, volume down key + home button + power button)
  5. Open Odin and check whether your device is connected.( If connected a box at the top left column will be yellow)
  6. Now click on the checkbox beside the PDA button and click on the PDA button. Select the AP/PDA tar file you downloaded from step 1.
  7. Now click on the checkbox beside the CSC button and click on the CSC button. Select the CSC tar file you downloaded from step 2.
  8. Hit the start button in Odin and wait for it to fully flash.
  9. Download Root_de_la_Vega.7z.
  10. Copy the contents of Root_de_la_Vega.7z to the root of the internal storage.(/My Computer/ [Phone Number]/Phone/, root_files(folder))
  11. Reboot (Very important!)
  12. After fully booting delete the files from the internal storage that were added previously.(/My Computer/[Phone Number]/Phone/, root_files(folder))
  13. Reboot (Extremely important!)
  14. VOILA!!!!!! Enjoy your root without messing the KNOX security.

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Galaxy Note 3 Problems - Get's Stuck ? Get's Overheated ? Share Your Experience Here

Galaxy Note 3 User Experience - First Hand - Share Your Experience Here

galaxy note 3 problems

Help Us To Help You

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 users have been complaining about the smartphone getting over heated and some have even reported that it even gets stuck at times. While I've not face any issues with my Note 3, I can't buy that. So, I've decided to make this blog post inviting every Note 3 user across the Globe to to share your experience with us. 

All you have to do is share your thoughts about the phone "only if you own one" and your comment will be added below these lines. 

Hope to see good response!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Android Firmwares Download Page - Jelly bean, Kit Kat

Samsung Galaxy S4 Firmwares Download Page - All Versions Of Android

Finally the page is up and the post is life for Samsung Galaxy S 4. We know that people have been waiting desperately to get their hands on the official firmwares to either tweak or to update their device manually update their device to the latest firmware. This page contains the download links of the official firmwares for Samsung's galaxy s4. Don't forget to bookmark this page for future reference as we will keep updating this post every time a new firmware is released. 
By downloading these firmwares you agree that you understand the method and risks involved in manually updating the software of your galaxy s4 and that if anything goes wrong during the installation, we shall not be held responsible. You are performing this at your own will.

Also, don't forget to visit our firmware page to check the huge list of devices and firmwares that are available for download. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook or subscribe to our RSS feeds for the latest news.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Different Countries - Expected Price Listing

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Expected Price And Cost Around The World

Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 was released yesterday along with a smart watch which will be available soon around the world. Galaxy Gear, that's what Samsung named it will be available in the market at a cost of $300 and before you think of buying, make sure you own a Samsung smartphone which is either S3 or higher. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is packed with loads of new features that allows users to multitask in a better way. The camera and the audio quality has been improved to provided you ultra high definition. Check out the features of Samsung galaxy note 3 here. The only supported devices for Galaxy gear as of now are as follows:
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII
  • Samsung Galaxy SIV
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Let's talk about Samsung Galaxy Note 3 price for a 32 GB device around the world. Samsung has not yet announced the the exact pricing, however the expected price based on the rumors and news from various sources is below. This is the expected price which may change but we'll keep updating the price list very often. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In UK : 550 Pounds
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In US : 850 Dollars 700 USD
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Dubai : 3150 Dirham
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Australia : 930 Australian Dollars
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Kuwait : 240 Dinar
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In India : 56,000 Rupees 46,000 INR
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Singapore : 1100 Singapore Dollars
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Malaysia : 2820 Malaysian Ringgit
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Mauritius : 26620 Mauritian Rupee
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Germany : 650 Euros
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Oman : 330 Omani Rayal
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Brazil : 2020 Brazilian Real
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Bahrain  : 320 
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Canada : 900 Canadian Dollars
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In China : 5250 Chinese Yuan
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Japan : 85700 Japanese Yen
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Israel : 3122 Israeli Shekel
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Egypt : 3800 Egyptian Pound
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Hong Kong : 6660 Dollars
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Indonesia : 9,555,040 Indonesian Rupiah
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Switzerland : 940 Swiss Frank
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In New Zealand : 1080 
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In South Africa : 8800 South African Rand
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In Saudi Arabia : 3220 Riyal

The above price list is expected to change as soon as there is any official announcement from Samsung. 

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Released - The Next Generation Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Specifications - Camera - Memory - Screen Size

Samsung has released the next version of it most selling smartphone in the Galaxy Note series. The new Galaxy Note 3 features a stunning 5.7" super amoled HD screen that of course can show 1080p HD videos. Apart from the wide screen, the selling point of Galaxy Note 3 is the technology and innovation that was involved in designing the product according to the user requirement. The new Galaxy Note 3 is lighter, smarter, wider and even better than the previous versions of Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung GALAXY Note 3 comes with a wider (5.7inch) full HD Super AMOLED display, yet slimmer (8.3mm) and lighter (168g) hardware design, and more powerful and longer lasting (3,200mAh) battery. Also, equipped with a 13 megapixel rear camera with Smart Stabilization and high CRI LED flash, Samsung GALAXY Note 3 enables users to crisply capture every visual story in their lives, even in low light and active situations. Samsung GALAXY Note 3 offers the latest LTE technologies – CAT4 Carrier Aggregation and supports the greatest number of multiple frequencies. Incorporating the industry’s largest 3GB RAM, the GALAXY Note 3 also provides faster and more powerful performance.

The designing of Galaxy Note 3 involves human touch, giving the user an ultimate feeling when they hold the device. Leather stitched back panel gives adds elegance to the design of the device, giving a look and feel apart from touch to the smartphone which was never done before. Samsung surely aims to attract more customers to its new smartphone market by experimenting with designs and patters apart from having the most advanced technology.

Talking about the camera of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it is a powerful 13 mega pixel camera that gives high quality images. The advance camera allows you to record videos at 1080px with 60 frames per second which is quite alot for a smartphone. Samsung has improved the audio quality of the smartphone by adding many features. You can now play ultra high definition audio on the new samsung galaxy note 3.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a 3 GB RAM that runs the beast within, giving the high performance to the device and allowing users to perform multitasking at ease. The smartphone is equipped with a high performance quad core processor for LTE devices and an octacore processor for the 3G devices. This variation is probably due to regional limitations where LTE is not available.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 is a powerful device that will be available in the market by the end of this month throughout the world except in US where it will be released in October. Samsung has aggressively launched various Galaxy devices that has given the company a headstart to lead the entire smartphone market.

We'll be adding a detailed specs in a short time. Stay tuned...

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How To Root Nexus 4 Using Nexus Rootkit Step By Step Guide

How To Root Nexus 4 Using Nexus Rootkit - Step By Step Guide

Android as an open source operating system for smartphones is flexible enough for a normal user to run almost every operation they want. However, there are certain users who are never really satisfied with the default operating system. They enjoy tweaking and playing around with it to maximize the potential of their smartphone memory and power. 

Android system by default, does not allow users to handle operating with super user access only to prevent bricking of the device, In order to get super user access, users need to root their device and some devices including nexus and HTC have their device bootloaders locked. So before performing root over these devices, the device bootloader needs to be unlocked.

Rooting Nexus 4 happens in 3 steps. 
  1. Unlocking Bootloader
  2. Flashing Recovery
  3. Installing Super User
Performing the above steps requires using different tools and downloadables that will be used when flashing recovery and installing super user. It is practically impossible for a novice user to root their device following the three steps above. So what if a beginner wants with nexus 4 smartphone wants to root their device ?

Here's a good news!! A new applicaiton for Nexus devices called nexus rootkit has been released by Wugfresh which allows users with no experience in rooting and unlocking bootloader, to root their devices. That's true, even if you have absolutely no experience with rooting android smartphone, you can still use this application that is designed for windows with a simple GUI, allowing users to perform various operations like
  • Backup Device
  • Restore Device
  • Root
  • Unroot
  • Custom Firmware
  • Drivers installation
Having said that, lets go ahead and try this new nexus rootkit for rooting nexus 4. Before we begin, it is important that you understand that rooting will void the warranty and by following the below steps, if anything goes wrong we are not to be held responsible.You are performing this at your own will.

Rooting Nexus 4 Using Nexus Rootkit

Step 1 : Download  nexus rootkit for your nexus smartphone- Download link

Step 2 : Install the downloaded application by following the on screen instructions carefully. Normal application setup.

Step 3 : Installation will take a while depending on the performance of your computer. Once the installation of nexus rootkit is complete, launch the application from the downloaded location or from your desktop by clicking on the icon. 

Step 4 : Once you launch the app, a window will appear asking you for the device details and android version. Check the image for details

Select Your Smartphone
Select The Android Version Installed on On Your Device
Step 4 : Once you have selected the device model and android version, a new window will appear guiding you to enable USB debugging mode on your device. This is mandatory and you should not proceed without enabling USB debugging mode on your device. 

Instructions To Enable USB Debugging Mode On Nexus 4 
  1. Go To Settings => About Phone and tap on 'Build Number' 7 times to get the message "You are now a developer"
  2. Go Back to settings menu to find a new menu "Developer Options"
  3. Check USB Debugging => Ok
  4. You will see a prompt with your computer's unique RSA fingerprint
  5. Check "Always allow from this computer" => Ok
Once done, press ok to proceed.

Step 5 : Once you have enabled the USB debugging mode on your device, the nexus rootkit will notify you that some extra files are needed for your device and will download them before proceeding. It is important and necessary to download those files so you need to click on ok and let the download complete.

Step 6 : Once the necessary files for your device are downloaded, the setup will continue and you should now see the main menu of nexus rootkit which should look like the image below.

Before proceeding with the unlocking of bootloader and rooting process, it is highly receommended to take a backup since, unlocking bootloader will wipe your entire smartphone data. Thanks to the rootkit, it allows you to take a backup of your device and then restore it when done with rooting.

Backing Up Nexus device Data Using Rootkit
Launch the nexus rootkit app from your desktop and from the main menu, click on the restore button. A window will appear asking for the type of backup your want to create. Click on the option that best suits you and proceed. Back up should begin right away.

Step 7 : From the main menu,  click on "Full Driver Installation guide - Automatic + Manual" button to install nexus drivers that are required to complete this process.Once you click, a new window will appear guiding you through the setup of uninstalling all the usb drivers that are related to your nexus smartphone and then proceed with installation of recommended drivers for your device. The driver installation is has three steps:
  1. Uninstalling Previous Drivers
  2. Choosing the best and recommended drivers for your device.
  3. Full Drivers Test to ensure the installed drivers are correct.

Step 8 : Once, drivers are installed and backup is done, you are not ready to unlock the bootloader. To begin with the process, simply click on the Unlock button from the main menu of nexus rootkit. A window should appear giving you a detailed information about what is going to happen once you click on ok button.

This script will unlock your device - enabling you to root it and ultimately allow you to gain full access to the android operating system. This includes, but is not limited too, being able to modify the radio baseband, flashing different recoveries, custom kernels, custom ROMs, Themes, Mods and more.

This process will factory reset your device, meaning that all your apps, data and settings will be completely wiped. It is highly recommended that you take a backup of your important data using the backup feature that is available in this nexus rootkit. 

Press Ok to continue with the bootloader unlocking

Step 9 : Once you click on ok button, a new window will appear guiding you to put your device in bootloader menu in order to unlock it. Follow the instructions carefully to enter the bootloader menu
  • Switch Off Your Nexus smartphone.
  • Press and hold, volume down button + power button

Simply click yes to run the script that will automatically load your device into bootloader menu. Once done, the setup will continue and unlock your bootloader.

Step 10 : The setup will now download the recovery stock image file if not available before proceeding with the setup. Click on ok to let the setup download the file and prepare it for root.

Step 11 : From the main menu of nexus rootkit, click on the root button to begin the rooting process. Read the instructions and click on ok when you are ready to begin rooting your device.

If you have followed the instructions carefully, your nexus smartphone should be rooted. You can now enjoy super user privileges over android operating system allowing you to play around with anything you want by installing various ROMs and themes that require super user access. You can also install applications like adblocker that allows you to block unwanted ads in apps and while browsing.

Feel free to leave a comment if you need any help with this guide.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How To Get iOS 7 On Android Smartphone - Setup Your Android Like iOS 7

How To Get iOS 7 On Android Smartphone - Guide

Couple of months back Apple announced the next version of iOS - The iOS 7 which apparently has over 200 new features and has been completely redesigned and is heavily based on heclitiva  font style. The iOS 7 is designed for Apple's iPhone, iPad and the iPod and is expected to public release by the end of September along with the new iPhone - named as iPhone 5S

The beauty of Android and openware is that everyone can mend things according to one's preferences. Consider android as an operating system. Every time a new update is pushed the developers community starts altering it and optimising it for specific device. Rooting is achieved soon that allows a user to install custom firmware.
iOS 7 theme for android

When iOS 7 was released, Apple as usual started bragging about the research and time that the company invested to achieve the perfection. It took months of research and development for apple to design iOS 7. What if an android user who wants to try iOS 7 without buying an iPhone ? 

There's a solution and we are going to discuss about how to get iOS 7 replica working on your android smartphone. This is an exact replica of all the prominent features of iOS 7 that apple has been talking about. The lock screen, control center, notification center and everything translucent which is seen on iOS 7 can be done and experienced on android smartphone.

jbOS7 Android Theme:

This is a complete UI transformation theme for your android smartphone. jbOS7will replace you smartphone's existing user interface with the one like iOS 7. The above image clearly shows the dept of the theme which includes the folder layout and entire structure of the iOS 7 platform. The best part about jbOS7 theme is that, it is absolutely free and you do not have to pay for anything for using this iOS 7 inspired theme for android smartphone.

jbOS7 ios 7 theme for android

This is one homescreen with apps and two special additional screens that act as apps. When you click the calendar it takes you to the calendar screen. Same goes for the weather icon. It also has a very similar style iOS 7 lock screen to complete the whole look. jbOS7 there was also showcased on CNET for its crispy and elegant look and feel. 

Here's a video of the theme running on an android smartphone

You can download jbOS7 from here

Easy Controller Control Center

jbOS7 is an incredible work but that's not the only thing we are going to talk about. A new tweak or an application called Easy Contrller Control Center for android has been released and this app is actually better that iOS 7's control center. You can customize and add various toggles thanks to the beauty of android that allows integration better than any other OS. You can install easy controller control center from Google Play Store and enjoy using iOS 7 control center replica which is actually much better than iOS controller itself. 

You can flaunt your smartphone's control center and actually taunt your friends using iOS devices :) 

List of toggles that can be added in easy controller control center:
  • Airplane mode switch
  • WIFI switch
  • Moblie data(2G/3G) switch
  • Bluetooth switch
  • GPS switch
  • Screen timeout setting
  • Screen rotation switch
  • Ringer mode switch
  • Auto sync switch
  • Clean memory
  • Screen brightness setting
  • Auto Screen brightness switch
  • Media button(Play/Stop, Next, Previous)
  • Media volume
  • Flashlight
  • Map app shortcut
  • Calculator app shortcut
  • Camera app shortcut
You can download easy controller control center for your android smartphone from Google Play
Screenshots Of Easy Controller Control Center For Android

ios 7 control center for android

control center for android android control center like ios

easy controller control center for android ios

iLauncher For Andrid - iOS 7 Inspired Luncher

iLauncher is another iOS 7 inspired launcher which provides the same UI as iOS 7 and it is supported for a wide range of smartphones including HTC One, Desire X, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 and many more. iLauncher is a simple tweak that basically transforms your android UI into Apple's iOS user interface giving you quite the experience of using an iOS device but with more flexibility. You can observe the detailed view when you launch a folder and notice that even the folder layout is inspired from iOS 7.

However, unlike jbOS7 and easy controller control center, iLauncher is a paid application and there is also a limitation to this app, the control center of iOS is missing. So if you are planning to buy iLauncher, you might want to also install easy controller control center.

iLauncher Google Play Link

ilauncher ios 7 theme for android ios 7 ilauncher theme for android

iLauncher In Action  - Video

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Rooting Guide For Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Running Android 2.3.6

Rooting Guide For Galaxy Ace Running On Android Gingerbread 2.3.3-6

Earlier we discussed the rooting guide for HTC Desire X and today we are going to talk about how to root samsung galaxy ace. The mid range smartphone that has been quite  popular among the mid range smartphones. Galaxy Ace has the last software update of Android gingerbread 2.3.6 and for some users who want to get root level access to their devices they are not quite happy with the stock gingerbread  in their device. You can install cyanogenmod and do amazing things once your smartphone is rooted.

Today, in this post we will guide you on “How to root Galaxy Ace S5830 running on Android 2.3.x“. So are you ready to root Galaxy Ace S5830, then proceed further.

Before We Begin

1. Your mobile should have at least 70% battery
2. Enable USB Debugging mode Settings => Manage Applications => Development => USB Debugging – check box
3. Take a back up of your phone data
4. Install Samsung Galaxy ace S5830 drivers.
Download Samsung USB Drivers or Download Samsung Kies

Rooting Galaxy Ace S5830

Step 1: Download to root Galaxy Ace S5830 and place it into external SD card.
Step 2: Switch off your phone to boot into recovery mode by pressing and holding VOLUME UP + HOME + POWER BUTTON together.
Step 3: From the recovery menu, select “update from sdcard” and select the “” file, which you have downloaded earlier.
Step 4: As rooting process is completed, reboot your phone.

If you followed the above steps as mentioned, your Samsung galaxy ace should be rooted by now. Enjoy!

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

How To Root HTC Desire X Android - Complete Step By Step Guide

Rooting Guide For HTC Desire X - Simple Steps To Root Android
HTC Desire X has been out for a while and the power users who do not like the default android system have already managed to root their devices to customize and run applications with super user privileges. Rooting android has always been simple and easy thanks to the talented developers and members in the android community who release simple to use applications that allow rooting of any android smartphone, be it Samsung, Sony or HTC.

However, it appears that rooting HTC desire x is resulting in unknown errors and soft bricking the smartphone. Many users have posted complaints and help requests on various tech forums to fix their devices. The problem is not in rooting but the method and steps that are being followed to root the device. If the instructions are not followed carefully and exactly as mentioned, it may result in various errors. 

For this reason, I've prepared a simple to use guide with steps that would help even a novice desire x user to root their smartphone without landing the device in any error. This method and guide with help you in rooting HTC desire X easily and will also guide you throughout the way to install CWM Recovery for installing various Custom ROMs. 

Rooting HTC Desire X

The following are the three steps that I'm gonna take you through in order to root your smartphone.
  1. Unlocking BootLoader
  2. Flashing Recovery
  3. Installing SuperUser

Requirements to root HTC Desire X

  1. Make sure your Desire X battery level is at least 70%.
  2. You need to enable USB debugging mode on your smartphone. All apps => Settings => Manage Applications => Development => USB Debugging – check box)
  3. Backup your phone data.
  4. HTC Sync Manager : Download Here
  5. Install latest version of Java.
  6. Download files to root HTC Desire X.

Step 1: Unlocking Boot Loader Of HTC Desire X

  1. Extract the contents of all in one rooting tool kit that you have downloaded earlier.
  2. Launch Desire.exe and skip to step 3 in the app to get the token ID
  3. Sign up with the HTC Dev website in order to unlock your device bootloader. 
  4. Connect your desire x to the computer with the usb cable and click on step 3.
  5. Few windows should pop up and your device token ID should be displayed. Copy that token ID as you need to submit it to HTC Dev to get the bootloader unlock binary file.
  6. Once you have the token ID, submit it over here
  7. Once the token id is submitted, HTC Dev will send an email to you with the binary file for unlocking your device bootloader.
  8. In the all in one toolkit, click on step 5 that says unlock bootloader.
  9. Provide the file that you have received via email from HTC. 
  10. Once done, your device bootloader should get unlocked.
Verification : Switchoff your Desire X, pull the battery and then put it back and press volume down + power button and your device should boot into bootloader where on the top you should see "Unlocked" 

Step 2: Flashing Recovery

  1. If you have updated your device to JellyBean download and use the following recovery image to root your device. Image File
  2. Paste the downloaded recovery.img in Desire_X_All-In-One_Kit_v1.1->Recoveries..."Rename it to Recovery.img"
  3. Go back to the all in one toolkit, look under "Next Flash a recovery" 
  4. If you have updated version in your on "Your Own Recovery" and click "Flash Recovery", else flash the other

Step 3: Installing Super User

  1. Download SupperUser from here and place it in your SD card
  2. Open the all in one toolkit for Desire X and in the commands column, click "Boot into Recovery" while USB debugging in your device is enabled
  3. Unplug your device, you should see "Nexxus Prime Recovery" That's normal, don't panic!
  4. Using the power up and down button, scroll down to power.
  5. Select Install Flashable Zip =>Choose zip From External SD-Card and navigate to d Superuser-3.1.3-arm-signed
  6. Select the file and flash it..
That's it! If you have followed the above mentioned steps accurately, you desire x should be rooted and you should be having super user access to your smartphone. Enjoy!

All the tutorials and download links are collected from internet and various sources. We are not responsible for any damage in your device. Here we are putting our best to collect and publish accurate articles.So, Follow the tutorials at your own risk.

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Moto X Pre-Orders For AT&T, Sprint And Verizon Begin At Best Buy

Best Buy Offering Pre-Orders For Moto X - Sprint, Verizon And AT&T

Moto x motorolaEarlier this week, Motorola had launched its next generation smartphone Moto X with amazing new features and stunning 4.7 HD Amoled display. The smartphone is heavily relied on Google's voice control mechanism that never sleeps allowing a user to schedule appointments, set alarms and do whatever they want without the need to touch the device. 

The exciting new feature of Motorola Moto X is that you can design your device and get it delivered within 4 days. That's true! You can choose the color that matches your need and style and that's the way Motorola aims to help you with the perfect color phone that suits your life style. You can also add an inscription that says - "Designed By XYZ" and add your name. 

Moto X smartphone features a new style of capturing pictures - flick your wrist to take a pic. Imagine you are at a party and there's a moment that you want to capture quickly, all you have to do is flick your Moto X and the camera app will be launched allowing you to take pictures quickly without missing the moment.

Android Authority has confirmed that BestBuy has started taking pre-orders for Moto X smartphoone for Sprint, Verizon and AT&T networks. So if you are impatient and want to get your hands on the device before anyone else, go and preorder your device and get it delivered quickly once the delivery begins. The price of 16GB Moto X with a two year period contract is $199. However, there is no official announcement from the carrier providers but they have all confirmed that the device will soon be available. Moto X full price is $699$ and it appears that US cellular is the first carrier provider that has started taking pre-orders for the device. Surprisingly, T-Mobile is not taking any interest in Moto X sales which could have boosted the sales.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Galaxy S4 Air Call Gesture Feature Now Available For All Smartphones - Air Call-Accept

Air Call Feature Of S4 Now Available For All Android Smartphones - Air Call-Accept

air call-accept gesture call answer

If you are wondering if this is a dream or a joke, well its nothing but reality. Senior XDA member Williams Joe has developed an app called "Air Call-Accept" which utilizes the functionality of proximity sensor available in your smartphone. The good thing about proximity sensors is that they are identical and there is no such thing as separate proximity sensor for Samsung and separate for LG devices. Having said that, the app allows users to answer calls by waving a hand right above the proximity sensor of your device.

The idea behind creating this app was inspiration derived from Samsung Galaxy S4 air call feature that allows users to answer their phone without touching it by using the proximity sensor. This can be very useful if you do a job that requires your hands to get messy. Simply swipe your hand above the phone and the phone will be answered and put on speaker automatically.

Air Call-Accept is available in Google Play Store in two versions. The standard free version allows you to answer calls however you cannot turn on the speaker or reject the call or send messages as this requires you to purchase the paid version which is for $2.99. Here's a tip, download and and try the free version and if you like it, go for the paid one to unlock all the features.

Features Of Air Call-Accept

★ Answer calls
★ Reject calls (Paid version only)
★ Speaker on when answer call (Paid version only)
★ Send SMS when reject call (Paid version only)

Here's a video of the app in action

There are no complicated instructions or long guidelines to install and use this app. All you have to do is download and start using it. Amazing app with a simple UI.

Download Air Call-Accept Free Version (Limited)  Or Paid Version (Unlocked)


how to answer calls with gestures android s4 guesture tweak for android

galaxy s4 guesture call answer tweak

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How To Extend Your Android Smartphone's Battery Life Using Quad Core Manager

Extending Your Smartphone's Battery Life - Quad Core Manager

Smartphones as we know are increasingly gaining popularity because of their features and accessibility. The features and specifications of android have gained more popularity against Apple's iPhone and Blackberry devices. The simplicity and multitasking has allowed even a novice user to start moving towards an android smartphone. This however, raises an issue of battery life of these devices and their sustainability.

I'd personally prefer a device with a better battery life even if it has fewer features and options compared to the one that has less battery life and rich in features. The reason is simple. I'd want my smartphone to be smart enough to work along with my schedule and last at least a day. Okay, that's too much to ask for - 12 hours is at least expected from any smartphone but it doesn't work that way. I remember using Samsung's Galaxy SIII and how the battery drains as soon as you play a game.

There should be a way, an app to manage memory to optimize the performance to increase the overall battery life. There are a lot of android apps that promise to do this task but they fail to do it. What they simply do is kill the running tasks, disable 3G if not needed and toggle off WiFi if not required. These things can be done manually and doesn't really need the assistance of an application. The app that I'm going to talk about is Quad Core Manager which has been developed by a well known XDA member Seaskyways.

QCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver

QCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver aims to give users better control of their devices multi-core processors, and in turn, achieve greater device longevity. So how does the app work? Simple. You can use the app with any multi-core device to disable specific cores other than the first core. In other words, if your device has two cores, you can disable one core. And if it has four cores, you can disable three of them.

Quad core manager is initially free for every one for a given trial period which will expire on 30th July. After that, you'll have to donate in order to continue using it for extending your battery life. Also, it has been mentioned that the app is currently not supported for some LG and Samsung devices so if you observe nothing different about using the app. If you donate, certain extended features like automatically allowing the app to follow certain pattern of disabling cores avoiding manual work.

Features Of QCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver
  • Manual Core Control : Like mentioned above, you can control the amount of cores that you want to run for instance if you have 4 cores, you can simply disable 2 or even 3 cores while working with 1 core. The simple and elegant user interface allows you to easily manage your cores operation.
  • Persistent Mode : Bypassing the default persistent mode of your smartphone and making it run on specific number of cores as you want. Some phones are designed to run certain operations on specific number of cores which can be bypassed using the persistent mode.
  • Start On Boot : QCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver will automatically run on start up and will save a lot of your manual work
IMP : This application works on rooted android smartphones only so if your device is not rooted, you might want to root it before using it as it requires super user permissions. For more details, visit the official thread discussion

Click to download QCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver

QCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver extend battery life Android battery life extend

QCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver life QCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver life

QCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 4.2.2 Official Jellybean Firmware Now Available

Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 4.2.2 Stock Firmware Now Available For Download
With the release of Galaxy S4 around the corner, Samsung has started pushing the firmware for the device. Official Jellybean firmware 4.2.2 for S4 has been released and if you an anxious user who wants to explore the firmware then you can go ahead and download the firmware.

The current firmware is for Chinese devices and we are expecting the release for other regions soon. Here are the details about this firmware release :

Android Version: 4.2.2 – Build JDQ39
Build Date: April 24
Changelist: 465806

Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 4.2.2. Download Link :

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Monday, December 3, 2012

How To Install Jelly Bean 4.1.2 On Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 (N7000XXLSA)

How To Install Jelly Bean 4.1.2 On Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 (N7000XXLSA)

Earlier this week sammobile shared Samsung's 4.1.2 firmware for Galaxy Note mentioning that it is an official test firmware (more) and we are sharing the following guide on how to install jellybean on your galaxy note. The process is really simple if you are well acquainted with Odin. This firmware is a pre-release and is not available via kies or OTA. Follow the step-by-step guide exactly as mentioned in-order to successfully install jellybean 4.1.2 on your device. 

Firmware Details
Android Version: 4.1.2 – JZO54K (Jelly Bean)
Changelist: 549786
Build Date: 20th November 2012
Region: Europe
Country: Germany

Features Of Jelly Bean 4.1.2 For Galaxy Note GT-N7000
- Android 4.1.2 – Build JZO54K
- Buttery Smooth Performance & Great Stability (Thanks to Project Butter)
- Multi-View (Multi Windows Multitasking, same as in Note II)
- Multi-View can also be disabled
- Page Buddy
- Notification Panel can now be customized
- New Additions in Notification Panel
- Smart Rotation (Screen Display adjusts to your angle of sightings)
- Continues Input in Samsung Keyboard (Like Swipe or Android 4.2 Keyboard)
- Samsung’s Cloud services
- Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play Features
- New Widgets From the Galaxy S III
- 2 Home screen modes
- New Notifications bar
- Google Now

Steps To Install Jelly Bean 4.1.2 On Galaxy Note GT-N7000

Step 1 : Downloading Files and Installing Drivers
  1. Download Jelly Bean Firmware Along With Odin.
    Download Link Jelly Bean 4.1.2
  2. Download Link :  Odin 
  3. Extract the zip file by right clicking and selecting "Extract All," or by using an extracting program of your choice.
Step 2 : Connecting the Device
  1. Turn off USB Debugging by going to Settings>Developer options>Unchecking USB debugging.
  2. Power off the device by holding the power button and selecting Power off
  3. Put the device into Downloading mode
    1. Hold the Vol Down button + Home and then hold the Power button as well.
    2. Keep holding until you see two icons. First you'll see the Samsung Galaxy Note logo and then the icons will show up. Let go.
    3. Press the Vol Up button to select Downloading mode.
  4. Connect the device to your computer with the USB cable and Odin status should turn yellow.
Galaxy Note ICS downgrade

Step 3 : Jell bean 4.1.2 contains multiple files, choose the following after extracting the zip file:
  • Choose CODE in PDA, MODEM in PHONE, Multi CSC in CSC.
  • Configure the options exactly as mentioned:
    • Re-Partition - Unchecked
    • Flash Lock - Unchecked
    • Auto Reboot - Checked
    • F. Reset Time - Checked
  • Click Start
  • Once it is complete, you can close the program

Your Samsung Galaxy Note Should Be On Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Now

Step 4 : Completing Installation / Wiping Cache
  1. Your Samsung Galaxy Note will boot up with Jelly Bean. At this moment, your phone should be running very slow, this is normal and supposed to happen as we have not yet wiped the cache for the previous firmware from your device.
  2. Once you are on the home screen, switch off your device. 
  3. Put the device into Recovery mode
    1. Hold the Vol Up button along with home and the Power button as well.
    2. Keep holding until you see two icons. First you'll see the Samsung Galaxy Note logo and then the icons will show up. Let go.
    3. Using the volume down  button, select the option "Wipe Cache Partition"
    4. Once done, select the option "Reboot System Now"
Your Samsung Galaxy Note should now boot up. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comment section.

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