Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Releasing Tomorrow - galaxy SIII mini launchscheduled

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Releasing Tomorrow - galaxy SIII mini launch scheduled


Samsung is all set to make the next big announcement tomorrow. Any guesses ? Well it's the galaxy S3 mini that will be unveiled tomorrow by Samsung following the huge success of Galaxy S3 which broke every record in being the smartest and the most selling smartphone of all time .

It was feared that samsungs sales might decline filling the release of iPhone 5 but thanks to the not so many features of iPhone 5 and not being attractive enough to pull news customers, samsungs galaxy S3 sales continued to grow outsmarting the sales of iPhone 5.

Samsung like always has been future oriented and gives a lot of thinking in future and that is the reason why it releases new devices by improving and adding new features so customers get the devices with the newest technology right in their hands at a reasonably low price. Samsung's plan to introduce galaxy s3 mini is again an effort to make the smartphone market running on by adding more and more devices.

Galaxy S3 mini, as the name suggests is basically the same galaxy s3 but in a smaller size with the same design and feel , the only noticeable difference in the hardware of the smartphone is that galaxy s3 mini is equipped with a dual core processor where galaxy s3 is a quad core device. We will know more about the device tomorow when Samsung announces the device and it's features are out.

Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini

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