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How To Unlock HTC One S Running ICS 4.0.3 - Sim Unlock For HTC One S

How To Unlock HTC One S Running ICS 4.0.3 - Sim Unlock For HTC One S

HTC One S is the incredible smartphone from HTC after a period of time which has good response from the users and people are liking it. More and more users are buying HTC one s because of the design and features are equivalent to the competing Samsung devices. However HTC cannot compete with Samsung at the moment with the low sale volumes. HTC one s is one of the most successful phones from HTC but there are certain limitation of using a good phone. Apparently, HTC's One S is carrier specific and will be locked on to the carrier you agree to sign up the contract for. Thais limits the users as an ideal customer would want his smartphone to work on all carriers. Specially if the user is someone who travels alot then its difficult to carry a carrier locked device.

Thanks to the XDA team who has developed an unlock to get your device working on all carriers. In order to unlock HTC one s, you need to root your device and then follow the instructions below to unlock it using the unlock file that will be the key to successful unlock. Let's begin:

Guide To Unlock HTC One S

Step 1: Root the HTC One S

Step 2: Download

Step 3: Place in /system folder on your HTC One S using a root-enabled file explorer such as File Expert.

Step 4: Now, execute .sh or use Android Terminal Emulator to type in the following commands:
Step 5: You should now see a SIM unlock code on your display. If not, open up/sdcard/sim_unlock_code.txt to get it from there.

Step 6: Shut down your device. Remove your SIM card and replace it with a SIM card of an unsupported network.

Step 7: You will be asked to enter SIM unlock code, so type in the code you saw in Step 5.

Step 8 : Done! Enjoy

If you have any problems unlocking your HTC One S, visit the original thread

For queries, please visit the official thread over on XDA-Developers.


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