Saturday, May 12, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Official Advertisement Appears

Samsung Galaxy S3 Official Advertisement - SIII Television Ad Appears 

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung earlier this week released Galaxy S3 in live streaming event.Samsung galaxy S3 features smart stay which waits till you're asleep so long as you look at the phone, it maintains a bright display. Direct call on Galaxy S3 makes calling even easier. IT knows when you want to talk, if you're messaging and want to call instead, simply lift your phone to your ear and it will dial your friend automatically. With the smart alert you'll no longer miss any notifications when you are away from the phone. Galaxy s3 give a vibrating nudge lets you know missed calls or messages when you take the phone. With the social tagging feature of Samsung galaxy s3 you can keep the track of your loved ones. The best feature of Samsung galaxy S3 is a rival of iPhone 4S's Siri, S Voice is smart artifical intelligence voice assistant that responds to your queries and helps you ease your work. S voice is pretty accurate as it can hear your voice even in crowded places like Samsung galaxy s3 launch event. Galaxy S3 can even respond to the Woodchuck joke very well. The power of NFC is right in your hand with GalaxyS3 with S Beam you can share photos, videos and music files with any NFC device at ease. Galaxy S3 is simply amazing and slim when it comes to design. You can easily share videos with the All share cast with the sbeam on wireless Display devices.


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