Sunday, May 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch In India - Flash Mob During GalaxyS3 Launch

Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch In India - Flash Mob During GalaxyS3 Launch

Samsung GalaxyS3 has been launch a month ago with much rumors and hype. Galaxy S3 pre orders have already begun and samsung has seen a record of 9million pre-orders for the first time for Samsung Galaxy S3. We have already covered the specifications of the smartphone and compared it with various available smartphone in the market like Nokia Lumia900, iPhone 4S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S2 etc.

As mentioned earlier Samsung has started promoting GalaxyS3 with lots of web advertisements and promotional events around the world. India has recently seen such promotion in a different way though. Samsung has promoted Galaxy S3 in New Delhi, the capital of India with a flash mob dance. Lets have a look at the video:

Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch In India

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 features WiFi Channel Bonding that doubles the Wi-Fi Bamdwidth.
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII is 22% larger than Samsung Galaxy S2 due to reduced bezel.
  • With a 4.8 HD Super AMOLED display, the Samsung GALAXYSIII offers a captivating vivid & incredibly sharp experience, and true color rendition.
  • On GalaxySIII, HD video can be recorded even with the front-facing camera and while you're taking a video you can also capture a still shot.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 features 8-megapixel with LED flash, zero shutter lag, 'Burst shot', 'Best photo', 'Face zoom' & 'Group tag


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