Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 Hammer Test Video - Watch Nokia Lumia 900 Hammering Nails Into A Wooden Log

Nokia Lumia 900 Hammer Test Video - Watch Nokia Lumia 900 Hammering Nails Into A Log

Ever wanted to know how strong the glass of Nokia Lumia 900 actually is ? Wanted to know the quality of glass used by Nokia in the latest smartphone Lumia 900 ? Here it is. The video demonstrates the toughness of Nokia Lumia screen by hammering nails into a wooden log. Its amazing to see how this phone handles so much pressure. What's even more surprising is that Nokia's Lumia 900 din't even get a single scratch even after hitting hard on the glass with nails using the hammer.

Lumia 900 hammer test
We have seen videos of grilling and grinding iPad but nailing a smartphone is something different. This torture has been performed by Nokia itself with a hammer and nail. Nokia's Lumia 900 is a windows phone that comes with a Gorilla Glass, known for its toughens. Nokia has proved that what ever happens, the company is not going to compromise with the quality of products. This can be observed in Lumia 900. Had it been any other device, we could have seen bits of plastic and glass crunching and getting crushed. 

This video of hammer testing Nokia Lumia also carries a message - 'Please don't try this at home' . The actions in the video are performed by expert professionals and should not be tried at home.

Lets have a look at the video:


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