Sunday, October 20, 2013

How To Get Galaxy Note 3 Air Command And Other Features On Your Galaxy Note 2

Galaxy Note 3 Features On Galaxy Note 2 - Complete Guide:

The added functionality of S-pen features on the Galaxy Note 3 are quiet appealing and fascinating. You may have thought it would be great if you had those features in your Galaxy Note 2. So for the people who want the Note 3 features on your Note 2, there is a way to do so.  


  1. Stock Leaked 4.3 version for Note 2 N7100.
  2. Mod rom v3.5 .
  3. Pen window manager app to add more apps to pen window.
  4. Odin flash tool. 


  1.  You can use any touchwiz rom which is 4.3 version and should be deodexed.
  2. There are some issues for the one hand operation and Samsung keyboard FC's while using S-pen(Affects some users only). These issues will be rectified soon.


  1. If you already have an android 4.3 on your device then follow from the 7th step.
  2. Download the stock leaked 4.3 version from the above link.
  3. Extract the file.
  4. Open Odin, check the box next to PDA button.
  5. Click on the PDA button and browse for the leaked 4.3 version.
  6. Then hit the start button and wait for the flashing to complete.
  7. Once you have got the android 4.3 on your device then, Download the mod rom v3.5.
  8. Flash mod rom v3.5 from custom recovery.
  9. Reboot.
  10. Activate the air command by going into Settings > My device > Air Command.
  11. You can add more apps to pen window by downloading Pen  window manager app.
  12. For the Note 3 browser and flash bar fix download this file and flash it in the custom recovery.

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