Saturday, August 3, 2013

Moto X Pre-Orders For AT&T, Sprint And Verizon Begin At Best Buy

Best Buy Offering Pre-Orders For Moto X - Sprint, Verizon And AT&T

Moto x motorolaEarlier this week, Motorola had launched its next generation smartphone Moto X with amazing new features and stunning 4.7 HD Amoled display. The smartphone is heavily relied on Google's voice control mechanism that never sleeps allowing a user to schedule appointments, set alarms and do whatever they want without the need to touch the device. 

The exciting new feature of Motorola Moto X is that you can design your device and get it delivered within 4 days. That's true! You can choose the color that matches your need and style and that's the way Motorola aims to help you with the perfect color phone that suits your life style. You can also add an inscription that says - "Designed By XYZ" and add your name. 

Moto X smartphone features a new style of capturing pictures - flick your wrist to take a pic. Imagine you are at a party and there's a moment that you want to capture quickly, all you have to do is flick your Moto X and the camera app will be launched allowing you to take pictures quickly without missing the moment.

Android Authority has confirmed that BestBuy has started taking pre-orders for Moto X smartphoone for Sprint, Verizon and AT&T networks. So if you are impatient and want to get your hands on the device before anyone else, go and preorder your device and get it delivered quickly once the delivery begins. The price of 16GB Moto X with a two year period contract is $199. However, there is no official announcement from the carrier providers but they have all confirmed that the device will soon be available. Moto X full price is $699$ and it appears that US cellular is the first carrier provider that has started taking pre-orders for the device. Surprisingly, T-Mobile is not taking any interest in Moto X sales which could have boosted the sales.

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