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How To Get iOS 7 On Android Smartphone - Setup Your Android Like iOS 7

How To Get iOS 7 On Android Smartphone - Guide

Couple of months back Apple announced the next version of iOS - The iOS 7 which apparently has over 200 new features and has been completely redesigned and is heavily based on heclitiva  font style. The iOS 7 is designed for Apple's iPhone, iPad and the iPod and is expected to public release by the end of September along with the new iPhone - named as iPhone 5S

The beauty of Android and openware is that everyone can mend things according to one's preferences. Consider android as an operating system. Every time a new update is pushed the developers community starts altering it and optimising it for specific device. Rooting is achieved soon that allows a user to install custom firmware.
iOS 7 theme for android

When iOS 7 was released, Apple as usual started bragging about the research and time that the company invested to achieve the perfection. It took months of research and development for apple to design iOS 7. What if an android user who wants to try iOS 7 without buying an iPhone ? 

There's a solution and we are going to discuss about how to get iOS 7 replica working on your android smartphone. This is an exact replica of all the prominent features of iOS 7 that apple has been talking about. The lock screen, control center, notification center and everything translucent which is seen on iOS 7 can be done and experienced on android smartphone.

jbOS7 Android Theme:

This is a complete UI transformation theme for your android smartphone. jbOS7will replace you smartphone's existing user interface with the one like iOS 7. The above image clearly shows the dept of the theme which includes the folder layout and entire structure of the iOS 7 platform. The best part about jbOS7 theme is that, it is absolutely free and you do not have to pay for anything for using this iOS 7 inspired theme for android smartphone.

jbOS7 ios 7 theme for android

This is one homescreen with apps and two special additional screens that act as apps. When you click the calendar it takes you to the calendar screen. Same goes for the weather icon. It also has a very similar style iOS 7 lock screen to complete the whole look. jbOS7 there was also showcased on CNET for its crispy and elegant look and feel. 

Here's a video of the theme running on an android smartphone

You can download jbOS7 from here

Easy Controller Control Center

jbOS7 is an incredible work but that's not the only thing we are going to talk about. A new tweak or an application called Easy Contrller Control Center for android has been released and this app is actually better that iOS 7's control center. You can customize and add various toggles thanks to the beauty of android that allows integration better than any other OS. You can install easy controller control center from Google Play Store and enjoy using iOS 7 control center replica which is actually much better than iOS controller itself. 

You can flaunt your smartphone's control center and actually taunt your friends using iOS devices :) 

List of toggles that can be added in easy controller control center:
  • Airplane mode switch
  • WIFI switch
  • Moblie data(2G/3G) switch
  • Bluetooth switch
  • GPS switch
  • Screen timeout setting
  • Screen rotation switch
  • Ringer mode switch
  • Auto sync switch
  • Clean memory
  • Screen brightness setting
  • Auto Screen brightness switch
  • Media button(Play/Stop, Next, Previous)
  • Media volume
  • Flashlight
  • Map app shortcut
  • Calculator app shortcut
  • Camera app shortcut
You can download easy controller control center for your android smartphone from Google Play
Screenshots Of Easy Controller Control Center For Android

ios 7 control center for android

control center for android android control center like ios

easy controller control center for android ios

iLauncher For Andrid - iOS 7 Inspired Luncher

iLauncher is another iOS 7 inspired launcher which provides the same UI as iOS 7 and it is supported for a wide range of smartphones including HTC One, Desire X, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 and many more. iLauncher is a simple tweak that basically transforms your android UI into Apple's iOS user interface giving you quite the experience of using an iOS device but with more flexibility. You can observe the detailed view when you launch a folder and notice that even the folder layout is inspired from iOS 7.

However, unlike jbOS7 and easy controller control center, iLauncher is a paid application and there is also a limitation to this app, the control center of iOS is missing. So if you are planning to buy iLauncher, you might want to also install easy controller control center.

iLauncher Google Play Link

ilauncher ios 7 theme for android ios 7 ilauncher theme for android

iLauncher In Action  - Video


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