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How To Root Nexus 4 Using Nexus Rootkit Step By Step Guide

How To Root Nexus 4 Using Nexus Rootkit - Step By Step Guide

Android as an open source operating system for smartphones is flexible enough for a normal user to run almost every operation they want. However, there are certain users who are never really satisfied with the default operating system. They enjoy tweaking and playing around with it to maximize the potential of their smartphone memory and power. 

Android system by default, does not allow users to handle operating with super user access only to prevent bricking of the device, In order to get super user access, users need to root their device and some devices including nexus and HTC have their device bootloaders locked. So before performing root over these devices, the device bootloader needs to be unlocked.

Rooting Nexus 4 happens in 3 steps. 
  1. Unlocking Bootloader
  2. Flashing Recovery
  3. Installing Super User
Performing the above steps requires using different tools and downloadables that will be used when flashing recovery and installing super user. It is practically impossible for a novice user to root their device following the three steps above. So what if a beginner wants with nexus 4 smartphone wants to root their device ?

Here's a good news!! A new applicaiton for Nexus devices called nexus rootkit has been released by Wugfresh which allows users with no experience in rooting and unlocking bootloader, to root their devices. That's true, even if you have absolutely no experience with rooting android smartphone, you can still use this application that is designed for windows with a simple GUI, allowing users to perform various operations like
  • Backup Device
  • Restore Device
  • Root
  • Unroot
  • Custom Firmware
  • Drivers installation
Having said that, lets go ahead and try this new nexus rootkit for rooting nexus 4. Before we begin, it is important that you understand that rooting will void the warranty and by following the below steps, if anything goes wrong we are not to be held responsible.You are performing this at your own will.

Rooting Nexus 4 Using Nexus Rootkit

Step 1 : Download  nexus rootkit for your nexus smartphone- Download link

Step 2 : Install the downloaded application by following the on screen instructions carefully. Normal application setup.

Step 3 : Installation will take a while depending on the performance of your computer. Once the installation of nexus rootkit is complete, launch the application from the downloaded location or from your desktop by clicking on the icon. 

Step 4 : Once you launch the app, a window will appear asking you for the device details and android version. Check the image for details

Select Your Smartphone
Select The Android Version Installed on On Your Device
Step 4 : Once you have selected the device model and android version, a new window will appear guiding you to enable USB debugging mode on your device. This is mandatory and you should not proceed without enabling USB debugging mode on your device. 

Instructions To Enable USB Debugging Mode On Nexus 4 
  1. Go To Settings => About Phone and tap on 'Build Number' 7 times to get the message "You are now a developer"
  2. Go Back to settings menu to find a new menu "Developer Options"
  3. Check USB Debugging => Ok
  4. You will see a prompt with your computer's unique RSA fingerprint
  5. Check "Always allow from this computer" => Ok
Once done, press ok to proceed.

Step 5 : Once you have enabled the USB debugging mode on your device, the nexus rootkit will notify you that some extra files are needed for your device and will download them before proceeding. It is important and necessary to download those files so you need to click on ok and let the download complete.

Step 6 : Once the necessary files for your device are downloaded, the setup will continue and you should now see the main menu of nexus rootkit which should look like the image below.

Before proceeding with the unlocking of bootloader and rooting process, it is highly receommended to take a backup since, unlocking bootloader will wipe your entire smartphone data. Thanks to the rootkit, it allows you to take a backup of your device and then restore it when done with rooting.

Backing Up Nexus device Data Using Rootkit
Launch the nexus rootkit app from your desktop and from the main menu, click on the restore button. A window will appear asking for the type of backup your want to create. Click on the option that best suits you and proceed. Back up should begin right away.

Step 7 : From the main menu,  click on "Full Driver Installation guide - Automatic + Manual" button to install nexus drivers that are required to complete this process.Once you click, a new window will appear guiding you through the setup of uninstalling all the usb drivers that are related to your nexus smartphone and then proceed with installation of recommended drivers for your device. The driver installation is has three steps:
  1. Uninstalling Previous Drivers
  2. Choosing the best and recommended drivers for your device.
  3. Full Drivers Test to ensure the installed drivers are correct.

Step 8 : Once, drivers are installed and backup is done, you are not ready to unlock the bootloader. To begin with the process, simply click on the Unlock button from the main menu of nexus rootkit. A window should appear giving you a detailed information about what is going to happen once you click on ok button.

This script will unlock your device - enabling you to root it and ultimately allow you to gain full access to the android operating system. This includes, but is not limited too, being able to modify the radio baseband, flashing different recoveries, custom kernels, custom ROMs, Themes, Mods and more.

This process will factory reset your device, meaning that all your apps, data and settings will be completely wiped. It is highly recommended that you take a backup of your important data using the backup feature that is available in this nexus rootkit. 

Press Ok to continue with the bootloader unlocking

Step 9 : Once you click on ok button, a new window will appear guiding you to put your device in bootloader menu in order to unlock it. Follow the instructions carefully to enter the bootloader menu
  • Switch Off Your Nexus smartphone.
  • Press and hold, volume down button + power button

Simply click yes to run the script that will automatically load your device into bootloader menu. Once done, the setup will continue and unlock your bootloader.

Step 10 : The setup will now download the recovery stock image file if not available before proceeding with the setup. Click on ok to let the setup download the file and prepare it for root.

Step 11 : From the main menu of nexus rootkit, click on the root button to begin the rooting process. Read the instructions and click on ok when you are ready to begin rooting your device.

If you have followed the instructions carefully, your nexus smartphone should be rooted. You can now enjoy super user privileges over android operating system allowing you to play around with anything you want by installing various ROMs and themes that require super user access. You can also install applications like adblocker that allows you to block unwanted ads in apps and while browsing.

Feel free to leave a comment if you need any help with this guide.

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