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Galaxy S4 Air Call Gesture Feature Now Available For All Smartphones - Air Call-Accept

Air Call Feature Of S4 Now Available For All Android Smartphones - Air Call-Accept

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If you are wondering if this is a dream or a joke, well its nothing but reality. Senior XDA member Williams Joe has developed an app called "Air Call-Accept" which utilizes the functionality of proximity sensor available in your smartphone. The good thing about proximity sensors is that they are identical and there is no such thing as separate proximity sensor for Samsung and separate for LG devices. Having said that, the app allows users to answer calls by waving a hand right above the proximity sensor of your device.

The idea behind creating this app was inspiration derived from Samsung Galaxy S4 air call feature that allows users to answer their phone without touching it by using the proximity sensor. This can be very useful if you do a job that requires your hands to get messy. Simply swipe your hand above the phone and the phone will be answered and put on speaker automatically.

Air Call-Accept is available in Google Play Store in two versions. The standard free version allows you to answer calls however you cannot turn on the speaker or reject the call or send messages as this requires you to purchase the paid version which is for $2.99. Here's a tip, download and and try the free version and if you like it, go for the paid one to unlock all the features.

Features Of Air Call-Accept

★ Answer calls
★ Reject calls (Paid version only)
★ Speaker on when answer call (Paid version only)
★ Send SMS when reject call (Paid version only)

Here's a video of the app in action

There are no complicated instructions or long guidelines to install and use this app. All you have to do is download and start using it. Amazing app with a simple UI.

Download Air Call-Accept Free Version (Limited)  Or Paid Version (Unlocked)


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