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How To Extend Your Android Smartphone's Battery Life Using Quad Core Manager

Extending Your Smartphone's Battery Life - Quad Core Manager

Smartphones as we know are increasingly gaining popularity because of their features and accessibility. The features and specifications of android have gained more popularity against Apple's iPhone and Blackberry devices. The simplicity and multitasking has allowed even a novice user to start moving towards an android smartphone. This however, raises an issue of battery life of these devices and their sustainability.

I'd personally prefer a device with a better battery life even if it has fewer features and options compared to the one that has less battery life and rich in features. The reason is simple. I'd want my smartphone to be smart enough to work along with my schedule and last at least a day. Okay, that's too much to ask for - 12 hours is at least expected from any smartphone but it doesn't work that way. I remember using Samsung's Galaxy SIII and how the battery drains as soon as you play a game.

There should be a way, an app to manage memory to optimize the performance to increase the overall battery life. There are a lot of android apps that promise to do this task but they fail to do it. What they simply do is kill the running tasks, disable 3G if not needed and toggle off WiFi if not required. These things can be done manually and doesn't really need the assistance of an application. The app that I'm going to talk about is Quad Core Manager which has been developed by a well known XDA member Seaskyways.

QCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver

QCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver aims to give users better control of their devices multi-core processors, and in turn, achieve greater device longevity. So how does the app work? Simple. You can use the app with any multi-core device to disable specific cores other than the first core. In other words, if your device has two cores, you can disable one core. And if it has four cores, you can disable three of them.

Quad core manager is initially free for every one for a given trial period which will expire on 30th July. After that, you'll have to donate in order to continue using it for extending your battery life. Also, it has been mentioned that the app is currently not supported for some LG and Samsung devices so if you observe nothing different about using the app. If you donate, certain extended features like automatically allowing the app to follow certain pattern of disabling cores avoiding manual work.

Features Of QCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver
  • Manual Core Control : Like mentioned above, you can control the amount of cores that you want to run for instance if you have 4 cores, you can simply disable 2 or even 3 cores while working with 1 core. The simple and elegant user interface allows you to easily manage your cores operation.
  • Persistent Mode : Bypassing the default persistent mode of your smartphone and making it run on specific number of cores as you want. Some phones are designed to run certain operations on specific number of cores which can be bypassed using the persistent mode.
  • Start On Boot : QCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver will automatically run on start up and will save a lot of your manual work
IMP : This application works on rooted android smartphones only so if your device is not rooted, you might want to root it before using it as it requires super user permissions. For more details, visit the official thread discussion

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QCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver extend battery life Android battery life extend

QCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver life QCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver life

QCM+ :Ultimate Battery Saver

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