Monday, November 19, 2012

All In One Tool Kit For Samsung Galaxy SIII (I9300, I9305, AT&TSGH-I747, Sprint SPH-L740, TMobile SGH-T999)

Galaxy SIII All In One Toolkit Now Supports I9500 Including I9300, SGH-I747, SPH-L740, SGH-T999

Recently we shared a post regarding an all in one toolkit for Samsung Galaxy Note II (GT-N8000) by Mskip, a renowned developer and senior moderator of XDA team. He has submitted incredibly simple all in one multipurpose toolkit that allows users to play with their devices with the amazing features of this toolkit. Basic features include rooting, talking backups, restoring.

A similar toolkit was also released for the predecessor of Note II i.e, SIII but was limited to international versions only which includes I9300 and I9500. But now, Mskip has release an update to the famous toolkit by adding support for AT&T, Sprint and TMobile. The wait is finally over for the users who having waiting for a simple and all in one app that could help them with everything , right from taking backups to rooting an installing a different rom. This all in one toolkit is a power packed app for windows that simplifies your work where in all you have to do is enter numbers and that's it!


The following are the features of Samsung Galaxy SIII toolkit :
  • Install drivers automatically.
  • Backup/Restore a single package or all apps, user data and Internal Storage
  • Backup your /data/media (virtual SD Card) to your PC for a Full Safe backup of data
  • Perform a FULL NANDROID Backup of your system via adb and save in Custom Recovery format on your PC
  • Pull /data and /system folders, compress to a .tar file and save to your PC
  • Auto Update ToolKit to latest push version on startup (donator feature)
  • Backup/Restore your /efs partition
  • Dump selected Phone Partitions, compress to a .zip file with md5 and save to your PC
  • Install BusyBox binary on phone
  • Root any public build INCLUDING JELLY BEAN (different options available)
  • [B]Root with Superuser (ChainsDD) or SuperSU (Chainfire) via CWM (works on ANY build)
  • Flash Stock Recovery
  • Flash CWM Touch Recovery (thanks to TeamEpic) or CF-CWM Recovery (thanks to Chainfire)
  • Rename Recovery Restore files if present
  • Flash Insecure Boot Image for adb mode
  • Flash Stock Boot Image back to your phone
  • Create tar file to flash via Odin with 1-click process
  • Download, Extract and Flash Stock Rom (full DETAILED steps) ESSENTIAL FOR WARRANTY RETURNS
  • SIM Unlock phone to any Network (thanks to Adam Lange)
  • Rip cache.img to zip file in CWM format for editing and flashing (thanks to Adam Lange)
  • Install a single apk or multiple apk's to your phone
  • Push Files from your PC to your phone
  • Pull Files from your phone to your PC
  • Set Files Permissions on your phone
  • Dump selected LogCat buffers to your PC
  • Dump BugReport to your PC (if installed)
  • Help, Information Screen for various tasks
  • Mods Section to Modify your phone
  • Reboot Phone options in adb mode
  • Change background, text colour in ToolKit
  • Activate Donator features from within the ToolKit
You can visit the original thread of XDA developers to get the download link and steps on how to run various options of this toolkit. XDA Page Link

Samsung Galaxy SIII All In One Toolkit


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