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Upgrading Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5113 to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean using AOKP Jelly Bean ROM

Upgrading Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5113 to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean using AOKP Jelly Bean ROM


Galaxy Tab 2 Jelly Bean Installation Guide

The developer community has now become active with the influx of the second generation Galaxy tabs in the market. There are definitely going to be new releases in this regard. An important thing in lieu of this is that customized ROMs are going to be made for these Android devices. This also serves as a need to get these Android devices.

On the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1 Wi-Fi GT P 5113), the ROM that is being developed is by Jelly Bean, AOKP ROM. This tab from Samsung has come this year and there is yet to be announcement pertaining to the Jelly Bean update. Numbers of owners are anxiously waiting for such an announcement. There have been rumors circulating around this topics pointing to a possible release this month. This hasn’t happen as of yet, and we hope that it happens soon. Till then, users can put the Jelly Bean custom ROM to action.

The important feature about this particular ROM from AOKP is that it has nifty ROM and OS based options. These include a smooth interface and a higher form of voice recognition as well (can be accessed through Google Now). In addition to this, there are more customization options as well. 

This article allows the user to upgrade to the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean with the help of AOKP Jelly Bean ROM. 

Note: The instructions that have been provided below are intended for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT P 5113. If these instructions are applied to any other model or device, the results wouldn't be the same. The purpose of these instructions is of educational nature. Some outcomes may vary as per special conditions or situations. 

The reader must first go through the guide thoroughly before trying it on their device. They shall be applied on your own risk. So do read carefully. 

System Requirements 
  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab, model number as mentioned above. It should have a Clock work Mod Recovery installed as well. 
  2. USB cable to connect with the tab. 
The following items have to be downloaded: 

a. AOKP Jelly Bean ROM set - Download Link

b. Google Apps (GApps) - Download Link

4. Charge the battery up to at least 75% in order to stay away from any installation errors. 

5. Before proceeding with the installation, be sure to have a back-up of all of your data. This is just in case you lose data during the installation process. 

Installation Procedure

The following items should be coped to the SD card of your tab: 
  • AOKP Jelly Bean Package 
  • Google Apps Package 
Step 2 : Switch off the tab. When you turn it on, start it in the Clock work Mod Recovery boot. This can be done by pressing the Power button and Volume Down button in unison. Press them until the logo appears. Now, release the Power button only. After a few seconds, the desired boot option would appear. 

Step 3 : Now, create a backup (NANDroid) of the ROM that you have at present. This can be done by selecting “Backup and Restore”, and tap the “Backup” option. Once the backup is done, go to the main recovery menu. 

Step 4 : Tap the option of “Wipe data/ Factory reset”. Hit “confirm the action” that would appear in the next screen. 

Step 5 : In a short while the process would be completed, during which do not press anything. Now tap the option of “Install ZIP from SD Card”. 

Step 6 : Hit the option of “Choose ZIP from SD Card”. Proceed to the option of “AOKP ROM file”. Choose this file and confirm its installation. 

Step 7 : The above phase described the installation of the ROM. Using the same set of instructions as above, install the Google Apps as well. 

Step 8 : Once both the installations are done, tap the option of “Go Back” and then “Reboot system”. Now your tab would be restarted with the new ROM from AOKP. 

With these instructions, you would have succeeded in having the Jelly Bean based AOKP ROM on your tab. While you wait for an update from Samsung, this would serve as a good time pass.

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