Sunday, August 5, 2012

TwitPic For Android Released - Official Google Play Download Link

TwitPic For Android Released - Official Google Play Download Link


Official Twitter app twitpic has been released for android. If you are a twitter user who likes sharing pictures but fear to use apps that are not authorized ones, here's the good news. You can now download and start sharing pictures over twitter using the official twitpic app for android. Twitpic allows you to quickly share pictures and videos over twitter with your followers. You can edit the pictures before uploading them by adding various effects to enhance the images. You can not only manage your photos and videos but also view the media of different popular twitter users like celebrities or people you follow. Twitpic is fast, efficient and simple application for social networking people.

If you are a die hard instagram fan, you should definitely give twitpic a try and compare both the apps. The reviews however clearly say that twitpic cannot compete with instagram and that instagram is much more user friendly and easy to use app for android. It has always been a war in between applications when it comes to gaining popularity in Android. If the application is simple enough for the user to understand and powerful enough to manage all tasks, then it has high potential and there are much chances of that app being selected by majority. 

Twitpic Google Play Description

The first ever photo sharing site for Twitter comes to Android! Twitpic is the easiest and best way to share your photos and videos with your Twitter followers.
★ Quickly and seamlessly share your photos and videos with all of your Twitter followers
★ Edit your photos with beautiful filters and easy to use enhancement tools
★ Browse your Twitter photo timeline with photos from people you follow in a beautiful interface
★ Browse photos from the most popular Twitpic users
★ Manage your Twitpic photos and videos in your own timeline

Twitpic Google Play Store Download Link


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