Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Galaxy Nexus To Receive OTA Update To Avoid Sales Ban In US - Samsung Google Working Together

Galaxy Nexus To Receive OTA Update To Avoid Sales Ban In US - Samsung  And Google Working Together

Samsung and Google are working together to save Galaxy Nexus from getting banned in the United States. Apple's universal search patent violation that will if not challenged lead to permanent injunction of of Samsung Galaxy Nexus from promoting any kind of sales, marketing and promotion in the United States.  Galaxy nexus is violating four of Apple's patents according to Judge Lucy Koh. This issue has been taken seriously by Google as well as Samsung following the recent Galaxy Tab injunction. Google is apparently working with Samsung to release an OTA update to fix the issue. According to Google, the upcoming software update will fix the patent violation.


Galaxy Nexus Injunction Ban On Sales

Google is taking this issue a step further by uniting with Samsung and challenging Apple's universal patent. All ThingsD reports that - Google and Samsung are also expected to challenge the validity of the patent, seeking a re-examination by the US Patent and Trademark office. Their argument likely will center on the notion that universal search predates the Apple patent.

Galaxy Nexus is strategically very important for Google. It is the first device to get ICS update and will be the fist device to get Jellybean, developers are already working on releasing the Jellybean 4.1 update for Galaxy Nexus.


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