Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Galaxy Nexus Pulled From Google Play Store - Galaxy Nexus Banned In US

Galaxy Nexus Pulled From Google Play Store - Galaxy Nexus Banned In US

Earlier we discussed that Samsung's Galaxy Nexus used Apple's patents and hence Apple filed a patent lawsuit against Samsung which would ultimately result in injunction of Galaxy Nexus sales in US market. Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be banned in the US market and neither Google nor Samsung shall try to promote the product in anyway. Pretty bad but seems like its going to happen soon. Samsung even tried to appeal against court's hearing but it back fired and now along with Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung will have to stop its sales of Galaxy Nexus.


To confirm the rumors of Nexus getting banned, Google Play store page for Galaxy Nexus is now showing 'Coming Soon' instead of showing the order details and shipment duration. To speculate , we can say that Google might have run out of stock and once stock arrive the page will change but its likely to happen. With Apple posting a $95.6 million bond for the injunction to take effect, its clear that Galaxy Nexus is banned. Its just that an official announcement is required.

Now that Galaxy Nexus is banned in the United States, what will happen to those users who have already purchased the device and those who have booked and are waiting for the delivery. Will Samsung continue to provide service and support for these devices ? What's so important about this device is that Google launched its ICS on this device and now developers at Google are testing Jelly Bean over it. If the ban is official, they might have to work on some other device. There is no official news of any kind regarding the ban.


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