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Best Free Calling Apps For Android - Make Free Calls From Android

Best Free Calling Apps For Android - Make Free Calls From Android


Want to save your phone minutes? Have someone you want to call often but can't because they don't share your provider? Well, fortunately for you, there are all sorts of apps that you can use on your Android to make free phone calls. Most of them require the person you're calling to have the program downloaded on their phone or computer as well, but once that's done, the rest of the process is simple and free. Here is the top 5 provided by PackNet – The VoIP Business Providers.

Fring-Google-Play1. There's always Skype! The program is free to download on your phone or computer, and once it's installed, users can voice or face chat together any time for absolutely no extra cost. You can use your Skype phone app to call someone on their Skype computer app, so even if they don't have a smartphone you can still talk with them. Skype is one of the most popular ones, so chances are, anyone you want to talk to already has it.

Viber-Google-Play2. Fring. This app is available on any mobile browser, so it's not difficult to make sure your friends can use it. It was also the very first free option for mobile group video chat (up to 4 users can use the service to chat together at the same time).

3. Viber. This is a very easy-to-use free calling app. It uses your address book to find which of your friends already uses Viber and then automatically creates your Viper contact list, so you don't have to do any of that yourself. Not only can you call your Viper friends for free, you can also text and email them.

Tango-Google-Play4. Tango. Out of all these apps, Tango is known for having the best quality for video calls. Many people have started using it as a Skype alternative, since it's also completely free if both of you have Tango and, unlike Skype, which didn't allow 3G calls at first, Tango uses any data connection you might have to make the call.

Nimbuzz-Google-Play5. Nimbuzz. While Nimbuzz doesn't work with video calls, you can use it to make free phone calls and send free texts, recorded videos, photos, and music to any other Nimbuzz user. It's available on almost every phone, not just Android, as well as a desktop version for those who may not have Internet-accessible phones. Nimbuzz also lets you instant message friends on Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo and Live.

Android offers several options for making those free calls. With all these apps available, you can make calls to whoever you want whenever you want!


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