Monday, July 2, 2012

Android Distribution Stats : 10% On ICS 63% On Gingerbread and 22% On Froyo And Below

Android Distribution Stats : 10% On ICS 63% On Gingerbread and 22% On Froyo And Below

Android is the most popular and widely used mobile operating system. Recently during the I/O, Google announced 400 million android activation which is pretty huge compared to any other platform. Android ice cream sandwich successor Jelly bean 4.1 was also unveiled during the I/O along with Nexus 7 tablet and other products. Google's future is quite promising but what about android and its various versions and their availability to users. Lets discuss few distribution stats of Android and its various versions

Android's Gingerbread is the most popular and widely used version. Over 64% of global android users have gingerbread installed in their devices. But when we talk about Ice cream sandwich, the proportionate users of ICs is surprising very low compared to gingerbread 11% although it should've been more as Ice Cream Sandwich is infact the most stable and smooth when it comes to UI and compatibility. The entire UI is changed and there have been several improvements in Android's ICS over gingerbread and yet the ICS update is not available for a majority of users.

Although, Google announced ICS update over an year ago during last year's I/O, the ICS update has not been pushed to several devices even now. Device manufacturers have failed to live upto the expectations of users as being an ideal smartphone user, I'd expect updates to come as soon as they are released. Once, Google relases the SDK, it is the job of manufacturers to pull up socks and start working on relasing the updates optimized for the devices.

Honeycomb was not so popular as it was available for Tablets only and so the usage stats indicate a very less count, 2.5%. Ice cream sandwich was the successor of honeycomb which was shortly released after honeycomb. Stats also reveal that many devices are still on Froyo which was 2.2 and there are over 22% of Android users who are still on Froyo 2.2. This is not bad at all. The devises of low range generally had froyo so based on the hardware, an update would make no sense. 


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