Monday, June 4, 2012

Temple Run Brave For Android Releasing On June 14

Temple Run Brave For Android And iPhone Releasing On June 14


One of the most popular game of 2012, Temple run is all set to release a successor to the most addictive and amazing game ever. Disney has sold over million temple run game downloads since the initial release. What people really liked about temple run was the never ending game with an urge to self compete and break your own high score records.

Temple Run Brave would be releasing for iOS and Android on 14th of June. The story line of the game is that you play the role of a young princess, who's running through the forest competing with enemies on all sides. This game will bring Temple Run to a whole new level with graphics that beat out the original as you bust forth on both iOS and Android. The game has been optimized for all devices and even supports tablets. There are much expectations from gaming experts with regards to temple run's next big release.

Here's the big surprise! Temple Run Brave will be $0.00 This game will be free for all devices across all platforms. Hmm, we have seen this marketing methodology before - Angry Birds! One of the reasons why Angry birds became soo successful was that it was free for a limited period. Seems like Disney is following the same strategy to spread the game as much as it could.

Temple Run Brave

What's New In Temple Run Brave
  • You are a princess (If that makes you happy)
  • Bears will be chasing you instead of monkeys
  • Apart from running, sliding, jumping, and shooting a bow and arrow
  • You’ll be playing Merida as she pushes on through to the other side.
We are as excited as you all are! Wait for June 14 and check for the game in Google Play and AppStore. This game will be supported on all tables and smartphones that run android along will all iOS devices which include iPads, iPhones and iPods.


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