Monday, June 25, 2012

LTE Quad Core Samsung Galaxy S3 III To Lauch In Korean Market

Samsung Galaxy S III S3 with LTE & QUAD CORE to Lauch In Korea


25 June 2012 : All the Samsung Galaxy S III users were Disappointed with the Fact that Samsung Galaxy S III with Quad Core Processor Does not Support LTE (4G Networks) which lead to US & Japanese Samsung Galaxy S3 to be Just Dual Core CPU based so as to Support LTE 4G. But now, Samsung has officially Announced that Korean Samsung Galaxy S III will be the First one to have both 4 G and QUAD CORE CPU as the Korean Samsung Galaxy S III will be using Separate LTE Modem Chip along side Quad Core CPU to support LTE Networks in Korea.

The International Samsung Galaxy S III I9300 has a Quad Core Exynos CPU but does not Support any 4G Networks, where as Samsung Galaxy S III of US and Japan supports LTE Network, but  does not have a Quad Core Processor, Hitherto it disappointed the users as all were expecting to enjoy the High speed Quad Core Exynos Processor. To fulfill this Desire of The Public, Samsung has Announced that it will Release a Korean Variant of Samsung Galaxy S III which will have a Quad Core CPU and will support LTE 4G Networks too. This is Because This Flagship will be using a separate LTE Modem Chip Besides the Quad Core Chipset to support LTE 4G Networks. This Inclusion of Modem Chip will Increase the Thickness of the Device to 9 mm when compared to 8.6 mm of the International Version but will have the same 2100 mAh Battery.

The Only Difference between US Version and Korean Version LTE Supporting Samsung Galaxy S III is that, US Version has LTE with Just DUAL CORE CPU while Korea will be the First one to get Samsung Galaxy S3 with LTE and QUAD CORE Processor too. It is Expected that this Smartphone with LTE & Quad Core will be released in KOREA in the End of July. No Priced Details are revealed yet.

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