Friday, June 29, 2012

Jellybean Will Not Support Adobe Flash - Adobe To End Flash Support From

Jellybean Will Not Support Adobe Flash - Adobe To End Flash Support From
Steve Jobs once said that Flash has major vulnerabilities and hence iOS devices will never support flash, instead it will support HTML5. However Google did implement flash into Android and until today every android device supports flash that is developed by Adobe systems. Flash has been the most successful multimedia source to view the web in an interactive way until security researchers starting experimenting it and declaring it as a tool to have major vulnerabilities. Until now adobe was supporting flash by releasing frequent updates to fix the security holes

Today, Adobe has officially announced that Flash will no longer be supported in Android 4.1 Jellybean. Also, starting from August users will not be able to install adobe flash on their android devices. This means Adobe flash will soon be pulled off from the Google Play so there won't be any support for Flash even for Android Gingerbread and Ice cream sandwich. Developers will be releasing apps on HTML5 that is far more secure and less vulnerable to any major security flaws that exist in adobe flash.


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