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How to root samsung galaxy S III(s3)- Galaxy S3 rooting Guide Tutorial

How to root samsung galaxy s3 - Galaxy SIII rooting Guide Tutorial

Rooting Galaxy S3Samsung GalaxyS3 is here and what's even more exciting is, we have a complete guide to root the beast from Samsung. If you are one of few lucky users who got their Samsung Galaxy S3, here's a good news for you. You can not root your device to tweak and over clock it. This rooting guide is applicable on XXALE8 version, if you do not know what version you have can simply check it by going in Settings > About Phone > Firmware Version. You should know that rooting your devices will void your warranty.

Q) Why should you root galaxy s3?
A) Imagine you have a car and an expert tells that you can enhance the performance by unlocking the engine. You can either be satisfied with the present performance of your car or you can unlock it and enhance the performance with unlimited possibilities. If you unlock your engine, you'll obviously lose the warranty from the manufacturer but you don't need it if you know what you are doing.

Does that answer the question? Hmm..

Before we begin rooting GalaxyS3, make sure you :
  • Have the latest version of Samsung Kies installed.
  • Backup your data. You can do this using Samsung Kies
  • Turn on USB Debugging by going to Settings>Applications>Development and checking USB debugging.
  • Have more than 50% of battery charge

Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3 Instructions

Step 1 : Downloading Files
  1. Download ODIN 1.85
  2. Download the insecure kernal for  XX NEE ALE8
  3. Download Superuser for GalaxyS3 Sg3-root-install
Step 2 : Connecting the Device
  1. Turn on USB Debugging by going to Settings>Applications>Development and checking USB debugging.
  2. Power off the device by holding the power button and selecting Power off
  3. Put the device into Downloading mode
    1. Press and hold Home + Volume Down + Power buttons until you get the download mode
    2. Press the Vol Up button to select Downloading mode
  4. Connect the device to your computer with the USB cable.
Step 3 : Flashing a Custom Recovery
  1. Launch "Odin3_v1.85.exe"
  2. Select PDA
  3. Double click the clockworkmod recovery file labeled " CF-Insecure-SGS3_XX_NEE_ALE8-v1.2.tar " to select it.
  4. Click Start
  5. Once it is complete, you can close the program
Step 4 : Completing the Root
  1. Extract the files from sg3-root-install archive.
  2. Connect GalaxyS3 to the computer.
  3. Double click on 'install'
  4. Your device should reboot
Once your device is rebooted, you should have superuser installed in it. This confirms that root was successful.

Once again, Big Thanks to XDA and its team for making rooting as easy as possible.


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