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Google Offline Maps On Android - How To Get Offline Maps On Any Android Device

Google Offline Maps On Android - How To Get Offline Maps On Any Android Device


If you are an internet user then you are not unaware of Google Maps. The best and easiest way for navigation and to get directions for a desired destination is Google Maps. World is no longer a place where you go and look for a guide or a paper map, all you need to do is access Google maps from your device, whether it is a smarphone, tablet , laptop. Google Maps are amazing. They descriptive in detailed so it covers every small street with its street name. Street view in Google maps allows you to access the maps by virtually walking through the streets. You can view the maps as if you are walking through the streets.

But accessing Google maps requires an internet connection without which it would be impossible to look up for streets to get directions. Google has worked on it and has launched a new feature that allows you to save the maps cache once which can be viewed later even in offline mode. That's what Google maps users were looking for. The only drawback of Google maps was that it is not possible to access them without internet connection. So with the offline cache mode, Google will download the maps cache that's normal but now you can save that cache so that it can be accessed anytime anywhere without an internet access.


How to get Google Offline Maps In Android 

Step1 : Open Google Maps from your android smartphone or tablet
Step2 : Go to Settings -> Labs
Step3 : Click on Pre-cache map area to activate it.
Step4 : Go to your desired place, tap and hold.
Step5 : Tap on the bubble that appears and select Pre-cache map area.

Imp: Offline maps can take much storage space of your device. If you think you can download the entire world maps in offline cache mode, that's not cool. You will run out of memory even before you download a tiny proportion of Google maps.


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