Monday, June 25, 2012

GalaxyS3 To Cross 10 Million Sales In July - Samsung Galaxy SIII Sales

GalaxyS3 To Cross 10 Million Sales In July - Samsung Galaxy SIII Sales

Samsung has been very aggressive in SIII sales with over 9 million pre-orders that in it self was a huge achievement for the company. Samsung's GalaxyS3 was one of the most anticipated events of Samsung. If rumors are to be believed GalaxyS3 sales are likely to hit 10million over next month. Samsung is gearing up for the next iPhone launch that would likely be in September when Apple would be unveiling iPhone5. 

GalaxyS3-SIII-SalesSamsung and Apple have become the world's largest supplier of smartphones and tablets. The contribution of both giant covers upto 80% and is is estimated that 90% of the revenue generated in mobile market goes into the pockets of Apple and Samsung. If Samsung has any plans to take Apple down, the upcoming Galaxy Note 2 should be an outstanding product with features smart enough to take Apple out and the design so stunning that it forces Apple's customers to shift to Samsung. That's a really tough task for Samsung but if it succeeds then there shall be no other competitors to Samsung in mobile market. GalaxyS3 is a smart product with features like S-Voice, S-Beam. Android users were more than just delighted to have SIII with a screen size that is desirable by majority of users. 

Galaxy Note already made a huge success and those Samsung fans who din't like the Galaxy Note size were pleased to see Samsung's Galaxy S3 which has a 4.6 inch screen looks pretty impressive in hand unlike Galaxy Note which looks kind of bulky. Following the Apple patent wars over Samsung, samsung played it smart this time by allowing lawyers to design GalaxyS3 so that the design does not violates any of Apple's patents. With Apple having absolutely nothing to hold against Samsung for GalaxySIII, it tried to stop the sales of S3 by filing a lawsuit claiming that Samsung's S-Voice is a mimicry of iOS Siri, voice assistant. 

Although Samsung's S3 was observed to be packed with different hardware configuration for different regions for instance SIII in America observed the Ram to be 2GB and processor to be dual core instead of quad core where as users from Samsung have reported quad core processor with 1 GB ram. Nevertheless, sales were not affected by this at all. Samsung has also believed to face shortage in supply of Galaxy SIII. There has been an overwhelming response for Samsung's beast and consumers globally have felt that Galaxy S3 is indeed designed for humans. We wish all the luck to Samsung for achieving 10million mark.


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