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DiskDigger - Recover Deleted Photos From Android SD Memory Card

DiskDigger - Recover Deleted Photos From Android SD Memory Card

DiskDigger is a powerful android tool that allows you to recover the accidentally deleted photos from your android smartphone memory card. If you come across a situation where you wanted to edit the image but accidentally deleted it instead. This usually happens when you either don't like that picture or your mind was so preoccupied that you deleted it out of mistake. You don't need to worry anymore as diskdigger has launched its desktop version of its app for Android devices.

DiskDigger is the most comprehensive tool when it comes to recover lost data. It is very well popular in desktop for Windows and have eventually landed for Android in Google Play. The most amazing feature of DiskDigger is that you can recover not only deleted photos from your memory card but also recover photos from a memory card that has been formatted. That's impressive. DiskDigger photo recovery for Android is still in the initial stages of development and the toll will get many future updates as it seems to be a very promising application. The current release of DiskDigger will allow users to recover deleted photos in .jpg and .png only.

Your device needs to be rooted in order to retrieve the photos as diskdigger requires low level access to memory card to recover data

Features Of DiskDigger Android Photo Recovery Tool
  • Recovers accidentally deleted photos.
  • Recovers .JPG and .PNG images.
  • Can recover photos from memory card and internal storage
  • Can recover photos from a formatted memory card.
  • Most stable and popular recovery tool for windows.
  • Works on any Android smartphone or tablet
  • Works on Android 2.2(Froyo) and higher OS

How to Recover Deleted Photos From Android

Step 1 : Download DiskDigger from Google Play

Step 2 : Tap on diskdigger to launch applicationDiskDiggerForAndroid\ The program will ask you for super user permissions. Tap on allow to grant DiskDigger root access and the program will proceed.

Step 3 : If you are running DiskDigger on smartphone, the memory card folder would be "/mnt/sdcard". If you are running it on a tablet then you'll have to look in for "/data" folder.


Step 4 : Wait for the application to list your device. Once done, tap on scan device to begin scanning for recoverable files that will be listed:


Step 5 : Wait for the scan to complete and then select the files that you want to recover. You can also select multiple files together.


Step 6 : To save recovered files, you either email them or save them in the same device. If you select the option of saving the file, you'll be asked to provide the directory where you'd like to save the photo. This method is not recommended.


Step 7 : It is highly recommended for you to select the option of emailing the photo or photos because if you select the option of saving, the system would overwrite the file system. This will cause difficulties in recovering other files from that memory card. Instead of selecting the option of saving, select the option of emailing the photos.



If you don't see any devices in the list, tap on "Refresh list" button. If you still don't see any devices, make sure you allowed the Superuser request. If you still are unable to see your device, check if your device is rooted. This application works only rooted devices.


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