Friday, May 18, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Rooted - XDA Rooted Galaxy SIII

Samsung Galaxy S3 Rooted - XDA Rooted Galaxy SIII

Samsung Galaxy S3 Rooted

Not even a month ago did Samsung unveiled its latest smartphone Galaxy SIII, XDA had begun exploring the device and its power in various modes to determine how really the phone is. Apart from the smartness, members of XDA had started exploring and exploiting the beast GalaxySIII. XDA got the opportunity to not only gets hands on but they even got one galaxy S3 for testing.

Rooting galaxy s3

Not every smartphone user wishes and really cares about rooting their device. Such people are rather scared to root their device fearing of losing the warranty. Many people won’t bother with devices that aren’t rooted. Rooting is not really an easy process and it requires a lot of development and vulnerability assessment skills. You need to be able to find exploits that could lead you somewhere. When it comes to Samsung, rooting has always been easy. Senior XDA member, Chainfire has managed to root the unreleased Samsung Galaxy SIII. Unfortunately Chainfire could not share the kernel as it is can be traced back to him if he leaks it out. Here is what Chainfire said:

Unfortunately, I am not able to share the “insecure” kernel with you at the moment, because of fears it is traceable to the leaker (this is said to be the last traceable firmware revision).

This root is, as expected, trivial. It was a simple matter of repacking the stock kernel, with a modified adbd binary that thinks (even if This gives access to all adb root commands (see screenshots). Then SuperSU was installed manually.

Kernel - The modification was trivial, because this time around, Samsung is using the standard boot.img format, instead of the zImage format used for SGS1, SGS2, SGNote, etc, that is much harder to repackage.

Recovery - The recovery partition is also being used this time around. And thus we can flash recoveries separately from the kernel.

Bootloaders - There was no warning triangle at boot-up after flashing the modified kernel, but download mode did show a custom kernel flash counter which increased. Whether or not flashing a custom recovery also triggers this counter is as of yet unknown.

Final note - This was all tested on a current (release candidate) SGS3 firmware. There may be a newer firmware on true retail/production devices. Though some things may change, it is unlikely to changemuch. Let’s hope nothing

Also, Triangle Away did not work. They have hidden the boot partitions again as on the latest SGNote firmwares.

(No, I don’t have an SGS3 yet, everything was done remotely)

Way to go Chaifire! So if you are considering buying Samsung GalaxySIII, you have a good news that it can  be rooted too. If you are interested in knowing more about the rooting methodology, you can head to the development section for Samsung galaxy III


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