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Samsung Galaxy S3 Price Listing - Expected Price Of Samsung Across Different Countries

Samsung Galaxy S3 Price Listing - Expected Price Of Samsung Galaxy SIII Around The World

Samsung Galaxy S3 was released this week and there is much speculation about the price of the smartphone which according to Samsung is made for humans. We have already discussed the features of Samsung GalaxySIII earlier. The smartphone features a quad core processor with 8mp camera. Galaxy S3 technical specifications in detail have been covered here. Samsung Galaxy S3 features a voice assistant, S Voice which allows you to search for information but also offers other useful commands. For example, S Voicecan snooze your alarm, play your favorite songs, turn up or down the volume, send texts and emails, organize schedules, or automatically launch the camera and capture a photo. S Voice for Samsung Galaxy S3. S Voice looks quite similar to Siri of Apple iPhone 4S which is the perfect example of artificial intelligence. More On S-Voice

When we talk about the price for Samsung Galaxy S3, it has already been announced that the beast will be priced at 600 €. Based on that we have converted the expected price of Samsung Galaxy S3 around the world.

Expected Price Of Samsung Galaxy S3

Price In India : 40,000
Price In US : $700
Price In UK : £450 available for pre-order at Phones4U
Price In China : 4500
Price In Australia : $700
Price In Canada : $700
Price In Dubai : د.إ9000
Price In Oman : 300
Price In South Africa : R6150
Price In Hong Kong : $6100
Price In Japan : 62,000
Price In Singapore : $950

We'll be updating this list one the final rates are out.

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