Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Hands On Review Video - Samsung Galaxy S3 Unboxing Video

Samsung Galaxy S3 Hands On Review Video Demonstration - Galaxy S3 Features Demonstration

This video gives a brief overview of the features of Samsung Galaxy S3 which was released earlier this week. The video starts with talking about the design and how its design fits perfectly in hand. It mimics the beauty of the nature. Samsung Galaxy S3 is designed by humans inspired by nature. The smartphone comes in two unique colors, marble white and pebble blue.

User interface :  UI is inspired with nature and . When you touch the scree you can hear the water sound. Samsung galaxy S3 is designed perfectly when it comes to ringtone. Here over the horizon ringtone is played which has been softened a bit and gives a whole new sound and music experience.

Hardware : Screens are quick to switch, compared to Samsung galaxy s2, booting time is much shorter, applications are launched quicker and web browsing is faster. Samsung Galaxy S3 introduces a new Pop Up feature, if you get a text message when watching a movie, simply use pop up play so you can watch the movie while replying to the message. You can move the screen around and send the messages without stopping the movie. To go back to the movie just double tap on the video and it will get full screen again.

Camera : Samsung Galaxy S3 has a powerful 8mp camera which can instantly capture and share images. There is no lag in shutter and you can take upto 20 burst shots. Burst short feature will automatically recommend the best photo among the 20 photos.

Direct Call: If you receive a text and while typing the message you think if better to call , simply take the phone to your ear and Samsung Galaxy S3 will automatically understand this action and make a call.

S Beam : S Beam allows you to share photos with other Samsung galaxy s3 phones. To share the photos, simply select the photo that you need to share and simply check the back side of two Samsung Galaxy S3 phones and the photos will be shared. Photos and videos of any size.

Impressive, isn't it ?


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