Sunday, May 13, 2012

German ICS Update Galaxy Note Supports 50 Languages - English French Portuguese Italian - Install Galaxy Note Without Root

ICS Germany Firmware For Galaxy Note Supports 50 Languages - Install ICS On Galaxy Note Without Root

Earlier we discussed step by step method of installing Android's Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update on Galaxy Note without Root. We were the first to bring a complete simple tutorial on how to install ICS on Samsung Galaxy Note without Rooting your device. The method that we have followed does not require a root, hence your warranty is safe. ICS on Galaxy Note is fast and does not drain your battery like other custom roms. This is official update from Samsung and can be applied on any Galaxy Note. This will not void your warranty. The German version of ICS supports 50 languages covering all the major and commonly used through out the world. Below is the listing of various languages that are supported for Galaxy Note ICS German update.

German ICS update supports the following 50 languages.

Galaxy Note ICS Galaxy Note ICS Update Galaxy Note ICS German Update
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Samsung Galaxy Note German ICS Update supports commonly used languages like English, Italian, Portuguese, Deutsche, Irish, Spanish, French and others. If you are a Samsung Galaxy Note user and would like to get ICS on your device, you can follow the simple step by step guide posted here

Galaxy Note ICS Languages


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