Saturday, May 19, 2012

Galaxy Note German ICS Warning! It Could Brick Galaxy Note ICS

Galaxy Note German ICS Warning! It Could Brick Galaxy Note ICS

Downgrade ICS

Earlier this week we had shared a guide on how to install ICS on Samsung Galaxy Note. This guide defenately helped a lot of people to upgrade their Galaxy Note smartphones to German Stock ICS update. So far Galaxy note users have not complained about any error that they have came across while using the stock ICS on their device. That's good news!

Today, senior XDA developer has made an announcement that the leaked stock ICS of Samsung Galaxy Note can hard brick the device. XDA developer Entropy512 has warned everyone who has upgraded their Galaxy Note on German ICS to downgrade their devices to Gingerbread 2.3.6 while they still can. Entropy512 has also reported this hard brick bug to google and they are working on fixing it. 

Here is what Entropy512 said:
DANGER: Many Samsung ICS leak kernels may damage your device!
Those who pay attention to goings-on with various Samsung devices may have noticed that some devices are experiencing a large quantity of hardbricks when ICS leaked kernels are used. These hardbricks are particularly nasty, in that vendors of JTAG services have been unable to resurrect these devices, unlike simple bootloader-corruption hardbricks. This is due to the fact that these kernels are actually managing to cause what appears to be permanent damage to the eMMC storage device.
According to Entropy512 the following are the operations that could cause hard brick:
  • Wiping in CWM (and likely any other custom recovery) (confirmed)
  • Restoring a Nandroid backup in CWM (wipes first)
  • Flashing another firmware in CWM (most flashes wipe first)
  • Wiping in stock 3e recovery (suspected, also wipes a partition)
  • Deleting large files when running an affected kernel (suspected but not confirmed)
Work Around To Fix This Issue
Flash a known good kernel using Odin/Heimdall immediately. Do NOT use Mobile Odin, CWM, or any on-device method to flash. Known good kernels include:
Nearly any Gingerbread kernel

So if you have already installed ICS following the guide posted before, it is highly recommended to downgrade your firmware to 2.3.6. You can follow the instructions posted here to downgrade ICS to Gingerbread 2.3.6.

Help Links
Gingerbread Firmware Download Links For All Countries
ICS Downgrade Tutorial


Anonymous said...

:-( i was planning to install it tonight i was checking on your website how to do

Frank said...

My comment has been removed twice?

I am looking for the o2 UK rom, but there is only a CPW one. Any ideas?

Ehhmad Hasun said...

@Frank I'm not sure how your comment got deleted..

For UK there are two roms in the download section, have you tried any of those ?

I'm trying to get the stock rom for O2

Frank said...

Hi Ehmad!

Yeah I tried both CPW roms and mine is crashing quite a lot now :( Especially when typing in a search on the browser. Lots of forced closes also (never had this before). I done all the wipes etc both before and after.
If you got the o2 rom that would be amazing :)
Also, do you know if I will get the update when o2 release it or do I need to wait for the CPW one? Mine isn't branded either with o2 or CPW, but was bought from o2.
Thanks for your time :)

Frank said...

UK ICS update finally arrived :) Everything went ok, thank goodness

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