Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Block Operator Balance Updates Using Quiet balance USSD Blocker - Blocks Carrier Balance And Call Charge Message

Block Balance Updates Using USSD Blocker - Blocks Carrier Balance And Last Call Charge Messages

quiet balance

Prepaid mobile service users often get carrier messages right after they send a text message or immediately after hanging up a call. You hate it when you get alerted for every message that you send you receive a message from carrier about last message charge? Same thing happens as soon as you disconnect a call you get a message saying last call charge was so and so? This specially bothers to those who spend a lot of time chatting with friends through messages and for every message they send, they receive an infuriating alert and unblock-able message about the last message charges. Most of us wish to block it if we could by any means.  

If the above situation suits you then you are at luck! XDA Forum Member talkative has released quiet balance USSD Blocker that will, as the name implies, quiet those remaining balance texts. This is a simple fix to block all the service related messages which otherwise could not be blocked. Those who wish to get rid of the unwanted messages from the service provider can simply install   quiet balance USSD Blocker  from Google Play from the link provided below.   quiet balance USSD Blocker  is a simple application that uses the keywords to block text alerts. Once   quiet balance USSD Blocker  is installed on your Android device, you need to add the keywords of the sender and quiet balance will take care of the rest. By targeting the keywords   Quiet balance USSD Blocker  blocks service related messages.

Quiet Balance USSD Blocker Download


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