Monday, May 28, 2012

AnySend For Android Download - Files Transfer Sharing Over WiFi

AnySend For Android Download - Files Transfer Sharing Over WiFi

When it comes to application support and flexibily in modifying and integrating apps into the core os, no one can compete against Google's Android. Android allows applications to easily get integrated with system so much so that it doesnt look that the application in not a native app that came stocked with the device. A similar such application that we will discuss about today is AnySend.

Anysend For Android

AnySend is a new app that is available in Google Play. From the makers of 'Do It Tomorrow' , Adylitica, Inc. Anysend is just amazing. It allows users to send any files from their android device to any other device over WiFi which ensures hi-speed data transfer. Any Send makes file sharing over WiFi as easy as it can be. With a simplified user interface, anysend looks stunning and has no complexity in running the app even for a dummy. The concept behind having a simple user interface in anysend is to make the user understand the app without having to look for any help or guides. Any send allows sharing between android devices super easy.

Features Of AnySend
  • Incredibly simple sharing. Just select the file, the person, and that's it!
  • Very fast sharing speeds powered by your local network, no internet required.
  • Background service sharing ability
  • Support for tons of file types: movies, audio, images, contacts, any file.
  • Custom designs for both landscape and portrait modes
  • Doesn't use your internet bandwidth, completely local WiFi sharing.

Anysend is receiving impressive response from users who have reviewd the application. Very soon Adylitica, Inc. is planning to launch anysend for windows, Mac OS X and iOS markets.

Anysend Google Play Anysend For Android Download


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