Sunday, April 29, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S 3 Forum Added - Samsung Galaxy S 3 News And Discussion

Samsung Galaxy S3 Forum Added - Samsung Galaxy S 3 News And Discussions

With Samsung Galaxy S3 release date closing by, many of us were wondering why there has been no discussion on XDA forums. The answer to this question is that XDA forum was in reality working on gathering sufficient information on Samsung Galaxy S3. The news as it is now official is that Samsung Galaxy S3 would be releasing in the month of May.

XDA has started a new forum for galaxy s3 news and discussions. Once the phone is released, there will be more news and guides on how to root it and run CWM. Tutorials on how to root and unroot galaxy s3 would be following in the forum soon once the phone is released.

As of now, the following discussions have started in Galaxy S 3 forums.

This  thread contains the general specifications and discussions on Galaxy S3
Galaxy S3 Accessories which sounds lame without the release of Galaxy S3. Once the phone is released, we'll see a lot of discussions in this place.
Once the Galaxy S3 is in public, this place is going to be flooded with discussions.
You guys remember how this page had most number of users when Galaxy S2 was released ? This topic would contain the news on latest themes and applications available for Galaxy S3. Tutorials on how to install the themes and tweak your applications.

That's it for now, you can check out XDA for more details.


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