Sunday, April 29, 2012

Facebook Icon Remover For Android - Get Rid Of The Facebook Camera And Messenger Icon

User Facebook Icon Remover For Android To Get Rid Of Facebook Icon For Messenger And Camera

The recent update for the Facebook applications made many android users annoyed with the new Facebook icon that is automatically added to messenger and camera. To many, it was completely violating users privacy by accessing internal system files. However those who have their android devices rooted know a way around to fix this Facebook icon and to get back the original icons for messenger and camera.

If you have the root level access to your android, you can simply remove the images that are stored in the Facebook application files that would make android use the default system icons. To avoid all the manual work, a senior member at XDA has developed an app then will ultimately remove the Facebook icon for camera and messenger.

Facebook Icon Remover is a simple application to remove the new Camera and Messenger icons that were added with the latest Facebook update.

IMP : This application requires that the device be rooted and that the Superuser application is installed.

Step 1 : Download and install Facebook icon remover from Google Play
Step 2 : Launch Facebook icon remover and select the option Disable icon(s)
facebook icon remover
Step 3 : Select the icons that you want to remove, you can select both and confirm by tapping OK
Step 4 : You will get a message that Facebook icon for Messenger and Camera has been Disabled.
new facebook icon android
Step 5 : Reboot your android device for the changes to effect.

You should now have the old icons back.


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