Monday, April 16, 2012

Dolby Sound Drivers Ported To Android's Galaxy 3

Galaxy 3 After Porting Dolby Sound Drivers

Dolby Music equalizer for android

Google's Android is undoubtedly the most commonly used mobile operating system. According to survey's over 65% of population globally uses Android phones. Android is simple yet flexible and very powerful unix based operating system that enables the user to customize the entire UI easily. Unlike Apple's iPhone which requires the user to jailbreak their device in order to customize the user interface. Android's application market is growing stronger and stronger day by day and inviting more and more developers into the community. As of Feb, 2012 over 300 million phones world wide use Android operating system in them. That's really powerful figure.

Talking about Android development how can we forget XDA developers who have made a substantial contribution to the Android community by provide guides on updating roms and rooting android phones. Senior XDA member D3HuM4NiZ3D has ported the Dolby Sound Enhancer to the Samsung Galaxy 3. Many android users feel that the default Android music player does not play bass very well. Users feel that the default equalizer is not living upto the expectations. More, over there are not many equalizer applications that are good enough for android. If you are one of those unsatisfied user, we have a good news for you. You can now get Dolby sound effects in your android device.
Best Android music applications

XDA Senior Member D3HuM4NiZ3D has ported the Dolby Sound Enhancer to the Samsung Galaxy 3. However, many users agree that Dolby delivers better and overall sound quality. Dolby music mod has only been tested on CyanogenMod 7, and not on FroYo or ICS builds for the device. If you want to test the Dolby mod on your Android device all you have to do is follow the directions mentioned in the post on XDA by D3HuM4NiZ3D. If this sounds like something you’d like on your Galaxy 3, check out the modification thread. Also, don’t forget to make a backup, especially if you plan on trying this on an unsupported version of Android..

IMP: Installing Dolby Sound Enhancement will remove the default music player from your android device and you won't be able to get it back. You will have to restore your device to get the original music player.


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